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Published by the Association of Universal Philosophy, P.O. Box 1142, Globe, AZ 85502. Copyright © 2009


These loving words were spoken once again to all who will hear

by the spiritual messengers of God on November 13, 1970:


“Peace upon your earth, good will unto men; love upon your earth”


On October 23, 1970, Aka, the spiritual messengers of God, announced to those who were wise to hear and who were wise to see a blessed message:

If thy, in thy grace and thy love for our Father, should say unto thyself, remember this date unto thee, that on the 26th day of this month the light of our Father, and the light of the Cherub, which is both of the same, shall come, as it did once before in the 26th day of this month [October].

So, look into the east; think of our Father, think of the words of Aka. And at precisely 9 p.m., thy shall see, for our council of Thirteen shall appear unto all.”


Then, on October 26, 1970, the angels spoke to those who had gathered to listen:

“And we say unto thee, look to the east,

and the light of our Father shall appear unto thee”


A small group gathered at the home of Ray Elkins in Globe, Arizona, on October 26, 1970, to look for the light of our Father. The angels had invited them to come. At 9 p.m. all went outside to look to the east. Those who’d heard the message and who had faith to come were blessed to stand before the light of God and His spiritual messengers.

Who were these who gathered? They were not shepherds. Nor were they wise men from the east (scripture says astrologers). They were ordinary people like you and me -- an artist, an anthropologist, their three children, a beautician, a telephone repairman, their daughter Ray’s wife, Ray, and possibly Ray’s best friend.

And what did they see on this holiest of holy nights?

As they looked into the east, some sensed a deepening feeling fill the heavens. An incredibly vast and loving presence in the stars appeared unto them in the east where the Pleiades shone. The spiritual light and the love they felt was like none other. For the Father sent His angels on high -- His highest angels, the Cherubim – to make their presence known.

Some saw; some did not. But those who felt it upon that night knew within their souls that they were witnessing a very great blessing.

What was this most holy heavenly presence? The spiritual messengers of God answered, November 2, 1970: We have told thee of the gift in love of our Father, of the many tears our Father should shed for thee, and of His love for thee. We have told thee that now shall be of the time of the Cherub, and within time, each in his own way shall have seen the light that comes from the east. We have opened this door unto thee that from this date forward, each of you shall see the light of our Father. [Note: The angels’ words are always typed in bold.]

Then on November 13, 1970, God’s messengers said: And thy ask unto us this question, “What did I see and feel upon this great night of the Lord?”

            And we say unto thee, for once before, as you would know him, Jesus Christ, was born upon that night. And God blessed your earth with love. And the music into which they heard was the singing of the angels on high. And they say unto your earth, “Peace upon your earth; good will unto men; love upon your earth.”

But remember, for those who have ears to listen and eyes to see, and the wise upon your earth, shall live in our Father’s light for all eternity.


What did the angels announce as our Father’s light shone on the blessed eve of Jesus’ birth? To all who would see and hear, God gave a gift, a new birth to enter and dwell within us. And He blessed our Earth with love. Yet our Father gave this gift, not just for one eve, but from that date forward all who see and hear it could dwell in our Father’s light forever.

“For those who are wise to hear let them hear;

for those who are wise to see let them see

As Christmas drew near, on December 11, 1970, the spiritual messengers spoke again of this gift: We would say unto thee, soon you should worship of a time, as you would think of it, as the birth of Jesus Christ upon your earth. And you should give of many gifts unto others.

In giving this gift, you should give it as the first gifts were given, and the gift our Father sent upon your earth to dwell and shine out like a beautiful star, for from this soul shines the light of our Father, and from the light was shown love and peace upon your earth.

And in the slaying of the body of Christ, his blood flowed upon your earth and blessed it for eternity, and therefore, the holy spirit of this man was left upon your earth, and into each newborn upon your life was given rebirth and birth again. Now do you understand of which we speak?...

            Then remember also, as the man known as Jesus Christ departed from your earth, two others departed. And from those two, we should say, for the first should be last and the last should be first. And as you give your gift, give it with love and compassion for all and place upon each gift the teardrop of our Lord.

Can you understand of which we speak?

“Aka, have you anything to tell us this evening?” the messengers of God were asked, December 18, 1970. Aka said: Yea, now we shall tell thee again of the time of our Lord, your Father, and of a time which was before when our Father was asked to send those who knew of Him. And now we should tell thee of the ones who should ask, for we should tell thee of the one known as Mohammed; we should tell thee of the one who was known as Buddha; we should tell thee of the one who was known as Jesus Christ; and we should tell you of the many others. We should tell thee of the one who was known as Arcan. Each, in their own way, sought their Father’s light. Each, in their own way, reached, as you would know it, the Christ state. Each walked upon your earth.

            Now we should tell thee of the many other worlds in which men have reached their Christ state. For if you would think of our Father as the rays of the sun, and the spirits of our Father as the rays of the sun to cast warmness into your souls, cast warmness into your spirit and to shine upon the immortal body of man, and that each man should stand in our Father’s light and our Father should enter into this man as the rays of sunshine should enter. But remember also that during the time of darkness our Father may enter into thy minds and thy souls.

            Remember also of the goodness that our Father has placed in each man. But, as you would know it, our Father has placed in each man love and hate. Think of this as a saber to cut two ways in each man. Our Father knew that this was necessary for the development of man, for man to be aggressive, for man to be ambitious. All of these things were part of the things our Father placed into man long ago in the creation. This was giving man his own free will. As man built the towers into the heavens, as he reached forward, step by step, to bring himself from a man-beast into the likeness of our Father, our Father could see of his destructive ways. Yet, our Father forgave His children.

            Now you reach a time upon your earth when all of your souls upon your earth think of the blessed time of the birth of Christ, or of Jesus Christ, as you would know him. Our Father thinks of this time as the births of all Christ in man.

            This was the thing that Jesus knew as he lay upon the cross, and died and gave his mortal body into man. But also, this was the thing our Father knew when He took up even the mortal body of the one known as Christ. Remember, as He gave life into Adam and Adam developed, think thee in this way, that Buddha, that Mohammed, that Jesus Christ were of one. As Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days and nights and tasted temptation, he faced what he had been before. And as the Lamb’s blood flowed upon your earth and changed there unto the Holy Spirit, it touched those who would open their heart.

            Then take this message into thee for all man to see, to wear it as a shield, not to keep others out of thy heart, but as an entrance way for all mankind. Only in this way can the seed bear yeast and spread upon your earth, and give love, and do away with this thing known as hatred, and do away with these petty things upon your earth, for only in understanding others may you give this love.

            For those who would worship the birth of Christ, remember of his words, “For I have come, not to change what has been upon your earth, but to show you what has been before.”

            And think thee of these words  -- we are not great, we are here only to do the work of our Father and prepare the way for the Messiah of your earth, and then there shall be a new heaven and a new earth. But remember these words. Your earth shall not die, it shall change, and the people upon your earth shall change with it or perish from your earth. Can thy understand of which we say?

December 29, 1972, God’s spiritual messengers said: The spirit was left that it may flow through all mankind. As we have said before, we have come but for one purpose, and that is for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. And we say unto you, all of you, open your door that we might enter, and therefore, there can be a place prepared within each of you for his coming. [See John 14:1-5, 14:15-26, 15:26-27, 16:7-15, 16:19-24, and chapter 17.]

            But from a mother’s womb, so shall he be born. Look within your book of Revelation, and you shall see of the same. [See The Revelation of John, chapter 12.]

            But hark unto these words. Our Father has written only upon the Tablets. Man has written upon your pages and your paper; therefore, many things have been extracted from, taken away from that that inspired the men in the beginning to write of the same, and some has been added to by others. We have come, not to change the Laws, but to fulfill the prophecies of the same. We have come not to change that that was given within Moses’ time. We have come not to change that that was given unto Isaiah. We have come not to change that that was given, and the gift that was given, in the one known as Jesus. But hark unto these words. We have come for this time.

            We have come from those who should make their entry. We have come from those who did say unto our Father, “Send those who know You best to prepare a way for our coming, that our Father’s words should not be misinterpreted.” [See John 14:15-26, 15:26-27, 16:7-15, and 16:19-24.]

February 25, 1972: And we shall tell thee again of the seven spirits of your Father, and of the coming of the Messiah unto the same, for as we have said before, we were sent by those who should ask our Father to prepare a way for their coming. And as man did come into five places upon your earth in the beginning, so it should be unto the five spirits that should enter at the time of the coming of the Messiah into the same, for he shall not be of one spirit, but he should stand as the five of before. And as the seven spirits of our Lord shall descend into the same, and so it shall be again, the twelve shall walk upon your earth. And then, our Lord, God, should enter into this one and it should be of Thirteen. [See Acts 1:6-20, 2:2-28, The Revelation of John 1:4-9, 12-20, 4:1-6, and 12:1-2,10.]

            As we have said before, the chain has been broken many times by your people through your foolish acts unto the same. But none should harm this one who should enter, for our Lord, God, shall be present in this one. And then should come your thousand years of peace upon the earth, and each day shall be as a thousand of your years, for they shall not be as you count, but as our Father counts. [See The Revelation of John 19:11-16, 20:1-6, 21:1-7, 22-26, and 22:3-7, 12-14, 16-17, 20-21.]     

            And as we have said before, the Hebrew people should bow before this one, for they should know that this is their Messiah in truth. [See Isaiah, chapters 11 and 52, Zechariah, chapters 12-14, and The Revelation of John 14:1-15 and 15:1-4.]

            For as we have said before, Lord of Isaiah, Lord of Moses, Lord of Jesus, Lord of Buddha, Lord of Mohammed, Lord of Ishmael, so it should be again.

            And we say, hark into thee, for as the first coveth [covenant] was given unto the Jewish people, and they, in themselves, were the servants of God, and as the second coveth was given unto the one known as Jesus Christ, so it has been in many lands, in many tongues, for as the spirit has flown and walked upon your earth. But remember unto these words. The coveth that was given unto the one known as Jesus was given not for the Jewish people, for they themselves had found their God; this was given that it may be given unto the world of the same. And as the coveth was given into Buddha, this was given that that proportion of your world should know of him. And as it was given unto Mohammed, it was given that they should know of the Jewish God, of the Jesus God, and of your God.

            And now, we say unto thee again, we have come to prepare a way, and therefore, give unto thee a new coveth, and this coveth shall go unto the world. But remember these words -- thy can destroy nothing; thy must build upon what is already there.

February 15, 1981, they said: We, of the Council, are not great. That that you know as Jesus Christ is now upon your Earth in body, and so is the body containing Buddha, Muhammad, for in this, of the Messiah, contains the spirit of the Lord, God, and those He has sent unto you. His first begotten son now awaits his time upon the Earth. We are here but for one purpose, and that is the preparation for His kingdom.

The One who we must ask permission from in answering questions that we are not normally allowed to answer is the Father, or God, as you would know. We say unto you, glory be the name of the Lord, our God. Glory be the name of His children.

October 2, 1981: We have come with a gift. And the gift is a Messiah, the fulfillment of God’s promise unto His children of all races, of all colors, of all religions. We have come to prepare the way.

      Many shall reject this. Many shall say unto you, “Why should I contribute my time or my thought in the preparation of the one who is to come who promises me no monetary gain?” Of those who would say, we shall see to your needs, but not always your wants. Of others who will say, “Look, and you shall see, for this is the way,” nay, we have not said that. We have said unto you, this is one of the ways. And we have also said unto you, if a man should come unto you with knowledge and wisdom, and it be good, take of it.”

December 4, 1981, Aka said: We come but for one purpose, the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. Believe us in what we say this day…

Now, before you, in a short span of years is that time. He now lives upon your earth. He lives by the thread of your thoughts. He lives and exists with the knowledge that you are preparing the way for him. He also knows that should you fail, then we shall fail, and therefore, he shall be taken back unto the Father, and another time it shall be tried again. But it will not stop the rule and the time of the Anti-Christ.

And November 9, 1984, the messengers of God said: For the Lord is of all things, and beeth of all people, and dwells in the house of the hearts of all men. If the Lord [should] come unto thee and say, “DWELL WITH ME IN MY HOUSE; COME UNTO MY MANSIONS;BE WITH ME BOTH DAY AND NIGHTUPON YOUR EARTH;LET ME WALK WITH YOU IN ALL WAYS, THAT WE MIGHT BINDAND BECOME ONE,” let the spirit of God thus enter you, and therefore, love, hope, and faith becomes of a natural thing. All these things we have spoken of are the tools that are needed in the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. For, if it is not built in the hearts of man, how can it be when that day arrives, when that hour, when that moment when he walks up to you and says, “Good morning!” how do you know that it he speaking to you?

The Lord has spoken to you, each of you, many times.



A sign in the sky

“We have come for this time”

In awe and wonder by the Editor

A long-period comet was discovered on December 28, 1969, by the South African amateur astronomer John ("Jack") Bennett. Having reached the point in the solar orbit when the comet was nearest to the Sun on March 20, 1970, it put on a spectacular show throughout April 1970, reaching zero magnitude with a tail up to 30° long. March 26, 1970, it passed closest to Earth’s orbit and became its brightest, and remained brilliant the first week of April.

The spiritual messengers of God arrived with the comet they said was a sign in the sky of their coming. “We have come to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah upon your Earth for this time.” On April 3, 1970, the words they spoke through Ray Elkins’ unconscious body were recorded, although Ray’s wife said he had begun whispering during his coma-like seizures a few days before. God’s spiritual messengers came to speak to the world from a place called Globe.

The comet was widely observed in April as its morning sky position improved. The fact that the comet was moving away from the sun and Earth, and was therefore fading, did not prevent it from being mentioned in newspapers and on television news broadcasts. The comet began the month near magnitude 1 and faded to about 5 by month's end. The comet faded throughout the fall and into winter. The tail was no longer reported as August progressed and the brightness finally dropped below 13 during late September. (Magnitude 13 can be seen through an 8-inch telescope.)

Although the tail was generally estimated as about 10 or 12 degrees, a few estimates went as long as 25 degrees around mid-April. The tail continued to show a curved appearance and contained numerous streamers that were most prominent within about 5 degrees of the coma. (NASA says a coma is formed by gas and dust. Radiation from the sun pushes dust particles away from the coma, forming a tail.)

Scientists from the Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., U.S.A., couldn’t explain it. “A large kink was observed in the ion tail of the comet on April 4, but no solar-wind stream was observed in the ecliptic plane which could have caused the kink. A shock probably passed through Comet Bennett on March 31, but no effect was seen in photographs of the comet. A stream preceded by another shock and a large abrupt change in momentum flux might have intercepted the comet between March 24 and March 28, but again no effect was seen in photographs of the comet. In view of these results, one must seriously consider the possibility that a large, abrupt change in momentum flux of the solar-wind (such as that at a shock wave or ahead of a stream) is neither necessary nor sufficient to cause a large kink in a comet tail,” scientists said.

What could have happened the night before April 4, 1970, to make this large kink in the comet’s tail? Could it have been the coming of the spiritual messengers of God, as they passed from God and universes through it to Earth?

The comet became its brightest when the spiritual messengers of God first spoke through their instrument, Ray. M. Oppenheimer in Astrophysical Journal, November 1, 1978, reported that the comet’s brightness was greater than could be explained by chemical reactions in the comet’s coma.

[Editor’s note: On page 6, you can actually see the rays of visible and invisible light in a photo taken in 1973 of the spiritual messengers of God speaking through Ray’s unconscious body. For the next 19 years, they appeared as rays when they came from the Father and universes to enter into this world and into his body to speak to us.]


What may wise men have seen?

Editorial Commentary


About six months after the spiritual messengers of God arrived with the comet, they announced the Light would appear in the east at 9 p.m. October 26. That eve, the light of our Father and the Cherub or spiritual messengers of God, as the Council of Thirteen, shone for all to see. Our Father sent His highest angels to appear in the heavens the first year of their coming, as He did 2,000 years ago, to make known to us the day and time Christ was born. On that holy night, they came with a gift, that we may see God’s light from that day on.

What did those who gathered see and feel that night? With the rotation of the earth, and the comet’s location on that date, the comet with which the spiritual messengers of God came in late March-early April 1970 may have risen in the night sky in the east about 9 p.m. (You can see this at the top of the diagram to the right.) The comet was not visible to the unaided eye by then, but could have been seen in the heavens through larger telescopes. Could the timing of this appearance relate to the passing of the comet from view for another estimated 1700 years? At 9 p.m., October 26, 1970, Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun, Venus, Earth and Saturn were aligned as shown. Astrologers know in what constellations they appeared. Could there have been an alignment of the planets and a comet similar to this which the wise men or astrologers had seen 2,000 years ago announcing this birth? Only those sent from our Father on high would know.

About that time, the constellation Pleiades also rose in the east. Charmion McKusick (the anthropologist) said she saw an extra star “flare” in the Pleiades. She wondered if this was a sign? The Journal of Astrophysics, Vol. 7, No. 3, July 1971, reports 13-14 new flare stars were observed in that region in the fall and winter of 1969-1970. In previous years, 208 flare stars had already been observed there.

One might wonder if the alignment of the planets and/or position the comet on the eve of October 26, 1970 -- when the light of our Father in the Council of Thirteen with the highest angels, or Cherubim, appeared in the east -- could hold special meaning to the wise. Some think the Zoroastrian astrologers 2,000 years ago observed an alignment of a comet and planets in the constellations that heralded the birth of a king. Biblical scholars believe that the actual time of Jesus’ birth was not in December, in which we choose to celebrate it, but in the Fall.

Christ, the Nazarite, is mentioned in Numbers, chapter 6. Numbers also describes the Cherub, a spiritual presence from God like a cloud by day with brightness like fire by night that led God’s people. Knowing scriptures, did the wise men follow this light when they saw it? Matthew 2:1-12 reports that they had observed the rising of his star, and came to pay him homage. They quoted prophecy; he was to be born in Bethlehem in Judah. “And the star which they had seen at its rising went ahead of them until it stopped above the place where the child lay. At the sight of the star they were overjoyed.”

Have we now seen this light? At 9 p.m. on October 26, our loving Father sent His highest angels, the Cherub, to make known to us the time and day of the Messiah’s birth. As the Council of Thirteen made their presence known in the heavens above Globe, they announced to the world that God sends His cherubim to fulfill the prophecies once again. From that day forward, our Father gives this light to all who will receive it in our hearts. In great love, this gift is given in preparation for the coming of the Messiah. It is being given to enter in and be born within us, to dwell within us forever. The Messiah lives now within that quiet place in our minds where God dwells, until his coming when he appears to all the Earth. “For those who are wise to hear let them hear; for those who are wise to see let them see,” the spiritual messengers of God say. “Now is the time of the cherub.” How blessed are we to see and to hear!

Luke 2:13-14 writes: “All at once there was with the angel a great company of the heavenly host, singing the praises of God: ‘Glory to God in highest heaven, and on Earth His peace for men on whom His favor rests.’”


“How silently the wondrous gift is given as God imparts to human hearts the blessings of His love”
From the editor: The readings are being shared with you in the newsletter the past 17 years in alternating sequence in which they were spoken, from first to last, and last to first. The timing in which these readings come to you in our Christmas 2009 newsletter is a blessing that only our Father’s spiritual messengers could have known. Here are the three readings spoken in the first year of God’s messengers’ coming which announce the night Jesus was born. Is this love from our Father and gift of spiritual birth being shown to you now also -- in a gift more fully given than one can conceive from God and His spiritual messengers to you?








Listening to Aka, spiritual messengers of God, as they spoke through Ray Elkins


October 9, 1970

Aka is here.

"Aka, does Ray stand with God?"

Soul Ray stands with God.

Now all is in accord. And now we say unto thee, be transformed. And we say this into all, as we have said before, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. And upon your heaven shall be your earth, for as all is transformed into five upon your earth, therefore, you shall have a heaven on earth.

And you say unto us, “How could this be possible?” Then we would say unto thee, the time shall come, and this time shall be the time of One, and in this time all man shall be of five, for as it is written, man was made “of our kind, of our likeness.” Therefore, your time is near that what thee would know as the God of man and the man-God, for as you were made in “our kind, of our likeness,” your power and the power bestowed into man was not equal unto God, but of His likeness. We have said before, should thee choose to walk on the water with us -- one moment, please. [See Genesis Angels we hear from on high
     Can you see the spiritual messengers of God (the angels) in this photo? Look closely and you’ll see a beautiful gift, as rays of light, or spirits sent from God, shine above and enter into Ray’s unconscious body to speak to man to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah. How blessed are we to hear and see their message, each in our own way. May we heed their words and receive the gift God gives that He sends in such love to give to us.
1:27-28, 5:1-24.]


And this time, our Father should have the blood of the Lamb upon your land, for your Messiah shall walk with thee, in every corner of your earth and in every corner of your mind. Then, be ye transformed into our kind, into our likeness.

Can you understand of which we speak?

"No, Aka.”

Nay, then unto all disciples shall be these messages. First, our messages and our healing shall come into thy minds, as we have said before, as raindrops. Now thy enter the storm, and we see the necessity that thy minds shall develop far beyond your wildest imagination. Therefore, we should send these teaching dreams into thee.

But remember these words, soul Paul, fear not that the Lamb should blind thee; let him blind thee only with his love. And as you would blind another, blind them only with thy love.

And for soul Luke, we would say for the impatient one, blessed are those who should walk alone. Blessed are those who would fall, but yet, in their falling, help another upon their feet. Remember, soul Luke, our Father loves thee; our Father sends the blessings that thy seek. But nay, soul Luke, thy shall remain upon this earth to do the work in which we have chosen them. Your desire at times to pass beyond this is not of our Father’s choosing. Remember, soul Luke, that as Christ was tempted once before, so shall ye be tempted, in many ways. But think thee, that all demons shall be cast from thy mind, and knowledge of our Father’s shall take its place in thee. Remember, too, be not afraid to place thy hands upon another in healing; this power comes from our Father, for you shall be as in now, as in five.

And we say unto soul John, and to soul Matthew, these words. We have called thee to walk on the water with us. If thy choose to, and have faith, thy candle shall burn forever. Your feelings are hurt too easy. We see this. Replace thy feeling with faith…. [Note: The words spoken these three evenings are shown in part. To see all of their messages please read them at the website:]

We find healing could be suggested within thy group, if each one, in their own way, should give of a prayer for this soul. [Note: There is a 50-second pause.]

Now, we should also say, remember, in thy request thy cannot ask and we are not given permission to give information from one soul unto another. This reading was given only by permission from our Father, for this soul did not sign, as thy would know it, of the release form.

Now soul Ray becomes very weak, and therefore, we would suggest that thy should waken him. But remember, before we go, now is the time of the Cherub.


October 23, 1970

Aka is here.

"Good evening, Aka; is Ray with God?"

Soul Ray stands with God.

"Thank you."

And now we would say unto thee, as before, in the time before the great floods [See Genesis 6:1-8]…

Now we ask thee to become of five. And in the becoming of five, the beginning of the spiritual need of your world shall come about; therefore, we say unto thee, be transformed. Have faith. Your whole world is seeking this need; your whole world is changing. And in the end, your world shall be known as 12, and then again as 13, and all shall be in complete, for in completeness, the blood of the Lamb shall be upon your earth. You shall wash your clothes in this blood, and therefore, become pure, and no harm may come to thee. You shall drink of this blood, and your inters shall be transformed into purity.

We know thy do not understand completely what we speak of at this time, but thy shall before we leave. [See The Revelation, chapter 7, 14:1-7, 19:1-16, 20:4, 21:1-7, and chapter 22.]

Now you have many questions ask of these.

“Aka, we have one question this evening that is the concern, I think, of most of the group. We’d like to ask if you have any information you can give us on the 20-month old, unborn child in Indonesia?”

You shall find, as we have spoke before, that as a stone is cast into the brook that would flow to the rivers, that should flow to the ocean, and therefore, flow to the many nations, new leaders in all of the nations shall be needed. These leaders shall be mighty men and women. And they should give unto your earth the peace that is needed. As we have said before, we are not great; we are here to prepare a way, and in preparing this way for the Messiah, you shall see great miracles performed on your earth. This is but one of these. There are other children being born on your earth who shall become as this one. Ask your other questions.

“Aka, soul Judas asks if there is any information you can give him to help understand the personal events that are happening to him at this time?”

Yes, soul Judas, we see thy need. Then we say unto thee that no man may trespass upon thee. Blessed are those who should follow the Lamb. For blessed are they who shall take the Sword of the Lord in his hand in vengeance of the Lord. [See The Revelation, chapter 19.]

There are times thy should change in thyself; there are times that others should change. As the man known as Jesus said before, “If thy are offended and struck upon one cheek, turn the other.” But he did not mean to let this person continue to defile thee. Can thy understand of which we speak?


Then we say unto thee, if thy had two calves and both were fat and ready for slaughter, and one calf thy would give unto the Lord and one calf thy would give unto man, the Lord does not mean that thy should slaughter this calf and lay it to waste upon [ ] its altar. The Lord means, sell this calf and do good with it in God’s name, and therefore, you have given unto the Lord. Now, soul Judas, can thy understand of us?

“Yes ,Aka.”

Therefore, ask thy other question.

“Aka, could you give us any thought or information as to the purpose of the organ pipe cactus, medicinally. Medicinally is the organ pipe cactus?”

Yes, medically, as what thy know it, or internally, this cactus, as thy would know it, the pulp known from the roots is a good, as thy would know it, once dried and made into powder, and then by taking of the Night-blooming Citros [Cereus] dried and made into powder, then by taking of the flat cactus, as thy would know it, the pulp of the same, dried and made into powder, this placed upon an open wound would greatly, could be greatly used in the healing of the same. There are other uses of this same plant. The blossom [removed] from the same can be dried and used in small quantities for what thy know of, for treatment of heart diseases. But at this time you have many other good drugs for the same. Therefore, the use of this, make of experiments of the same, storing for the time that shall be lean. Take of all this knowledge; store it for the time that shall be lean. There are other information; your time, this same pulp may be used in the healing of radiation burns, mixed, as thy would know it, with the greasewood; therefore, displacing a virus known in your land as [cacturus], or, as you would say, cancerous.

Therefore, you have other questions….

If thy, in thy grace and thy love for our Father, should say unto thyself, remember this date unto thee, that on the 26th day of this month, the light of our Father, and the light of the Cherub, which is both of the same, shall come, as it did once before in the 26th day of this month. So, look into the east; think of our Father, think of the words of Aka. And at precisely 9 p.m., thy shall see, for our council of Thirteen shall appear unto all.

This is all on this subject at this time.

Now is the time to awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


October 26, 1970

Aka is here.

"Good evening, Aka. Does Ray stand with God?"

Soul Ray stands with God.

“Thank you, Aka.”

One moment. That is better. Now all is in accord.

Now, upon this eve, in the grace of our Father, your information which you normally would receive shall not come at this time. And we say unto thee, look to the east, and the light of our Father shall appear unto thee.

Now awaken soul Ray.

[Editor's note: These transcripts have been compared with the audio recording for accuracy. Numbers were substituted for names to respect privacy. Copyright © 1970 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.]


























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