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Published by the Association of Universal Philosophy, P.O. Box 1142, Globe, AZ 85502. Copyright © 2009


This is your Earth; this is your time.

Make your choice.

But we say unto you and to all mankind,

the Lord, our God, loves of His children”


“Learn the lesson of the fig tree,” Ray Elkins often said before he gave new year’s prophecies. He spoke of Jesus’ words on what will happen just before he comes. Was Ray telling us signs to look for before the Messiah’s coming, that we might know it?

Jesus told us in Matthew, chapter 24, after these things occur: “Then will appear in heaven the sign that heralds the Son of Man. All of the people of the world will make lamentation, and then they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with great power and glory. With a trumpet blast he will send out his angels, and they will gather his chosen from the four winds, from the farthest bounds of heaven on every side.

“Learn a lesson from the fig-tree. When its tender shoots appear and are breaking into leaf, you know that summer is near. In the same way, when you see all these things, you may know that the end is near, at the very door. I tell you this: the present generation will live to see it all. Heaven and earth will pass away; my words will never pass away.

“But about that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, not even the Son, only the Father. [See Matthew, chapter 24.]

The spiritual messengers of God, Aka, spoke through Ray, both in waking and in trance state; many prophecies have been written for us in the readings. Although people often asked Ray or Aka for a date or time, as proof that a prophecy was true, this is not how spirit from God usually prophesied through the prophets or in Jesus.

Text Box:      Ray Elkins, 1998, prophesies at a church he dedicated to God in 1982.In previous years, prophecies we could not even understand when they were spoken are now increasingly before us in the daily news. We are seeing not one event, but many events related to each prophecy, more frequently or with more intensity. Are these increasing signs for all mankind to see that the Messiah’s time draws near? Did Ray, and Aka through him, tell us so that we may recognize long-prophesized signs and prepare a way in our hearts for his coming?

The spiritual messengers of God said, December 29, 1972: We have come, not to change the Laws, but to fulfill the prophecies of the same. We have come not to change that that was given within Moses’ time. We have come not to change that that was given unto Isaiah. We have come not to change that that was given, and the gift that was given, in the one known as Jesus. But hark unto these words. We have come for this time. We have come from those who should make their entry. We have come from those who did say unto our Father, “Send those who know You best to prepare a way for our coming, that our Father’s words should not be misinterpreted.” [See John 14:15-26, 15:26-27, 16:7-15, and 16:19-24.]

Are we now seeing prophecies being fulfilled by Jesus, Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Muhammad, American Indians and other prophets -- as well as the spiritual messengers of God -- of what will happen before the Messiah comes? How blessed we are to see the Messiah is at the very door.

Jesus said:When you hear the noise of battle near at hand and the news of battles far away, do not be alarmed…the end is still to come. For nation will make war upon nation, kingdom upon kingdom; there will be earthquakes in many places; there will be famines. With these things the birth-pangs of the new age begin.” [See Mark, chapter 13.]

If we see the signs and know the prophecies, can we understand the timing and events to unfold this coming year?


Wars and rumors of wars


Since the spiritual messengers of God first spoke to us in 1970, they warned of “Black September.” Modern terrorism began as Yasser Arafat led a group of militant radical religious fundamentalists in a bloody battle by that name. Aka said, if unstopped, it could enflame the world. It continued in 1974 with the terrorist-led Palestinian charter for statehood with a goal to annihilate Israel. In 1977, U.S. President Jimmy Carter encouraged Israel to give away land for peace in the Camp-David Peace Accords that Israeli Prime Minister Menachem and Egyptian President Anwar Al Sadat signed. Aka said we were seeing “the first rumblings of the Anti-Christ.” In 1979, Sadat was assassinated by the Arab Brotherhood who thought he had betrayed their causem though Sadat assured them he had not. This January 2009, FOX-TV News reports that the Arab Brotherhood was the forerunner of Al Queda.

On March 7, 1980, the spiritual messengers of God said: We told you before, the one who would sign the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt would be of the false prophet and would be of the Anti-Christ, and it would be a false peace.

This January 7, 2009, the four living U.S. Presidents met in the White House with incoming U.S. President-elect Barack Obama. It was the first time in 30 years that four living Presidents (including Jimmy Carter) had met there. Then they met to memorialize Sadat who had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with Begin for the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty. Yet this January, even as the U.S. Presidents met with Obama, a shooting war was being fought between the Israelis and Palestinians (Hamas) in the Gaza strip.

TV-evangelist Jack Van Impe said in January 2009, “The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is behind this January’s Hamas-Israeli war;” because he is behind Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon. His goal is get rid of the Jew. “He wants to inflame the Arab world so that in every part of the world Jews will be put to death. Ahmadinejad believes that he must destroy Israel so that his ‘messiah’ can come by 2012,” Van Impe says.

U.S. Intelligence amends its estimate to now say that Iran will be ready to build it first bomb just one month after the new U.S. President was sworn in on January 20, 2009. Vice-President Joseph Biden says, “It will be six months before the world tests Barrack Obama like they did John Kennedy.”

One person on an airplane could carry germs from coast-to-coast spreading disease that would kill millions, Van Impe said.

The spiritual messengers of God said, January 6, 1984: It is written that if the Eagle [U.S.A.] spreads its wings and covers the Messiah child, it shall be protected [in Israel]. [See The Revelation, chapter 12.]

Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran,” Israel’s Defense Minister Major General Amos Gilad told the Jerusalem Post, November 14, 2008.

Israel appealed to world leaders to act now to prevent Iran from continuing its nuclear program, saying Iran would not hesitate to load a bomb on a ship and attack a vital port on the North American east coast, the [London] Telegraph reported December 18, 2008.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “Just one nuke” would destroy electrical power. A nuclear-armed missile launched from a ship at sea 200 miles offshore could destroy one city, but after it exploded 300 miles up in space it could destroy the magnetic field so that all electrical devices would go out from coast-to-coast in America, Canada and much of Mexico. We’d be without transportation; computers wouldn’t work, including those of the military.

November 3, 1978, Aka said: But do not underestimate the Israelites. As we have said before, the descendents of Abraham may be changed as easily as turning a stone. But as Ishmael was given a promise, so must that fulfillment come also.

There are wars and rumors of wars. And great wars, the greatest of wars, has not happened yet.

We shall also say unto all of you, your inflationary depression has not ended. Inflation shall continue.


Earthquakes and famines


Aka has told us many times to prepare for the famine that would begin as an inflationary depression brought on by man. Last winter, as the stock markets and world economy fell, reporters said famine could become worldwide.

The chart on the left shows the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) growing from 759 in 1980 to 11,497 in 2000. Continuing on the right, this chart shows the DJIA fell from 10128 in 2000 to 8473 on January 12, 2009. It closed at 7949 on January 21, 2009, the lowest point since 7591 in September 2002.

Although the DJIA was only around 2500 in 1990, and 7800 in February 2003, as the dollar inflates, could this be what Aka calls an inflationary depression? Another U.S. index is the NASDAQ, which has more trading volume per day than any other stock exchange in the world. Unemployment and many other factors on the world market should be considered.


February 28, 1976, Aka said: We say unto you, these things that we say now shall happen, step by step, and unfold before you day by day. Throughout the land the time of the famine is now; throughout the world, the time of famine. We should say unto you, because it is of your election time, your politicians shall play that of hiding from the public that which is so. As a result, they shall deplete your reserves by trying to feed a hungry world. Your harvest lands have and are being annihilated through drought, through wind, through storm….

Yet, the inflationary depression shall continue. Throughout the world, tornados, hurricane, and volcanic action shall rule, and drought. Earthquakes now shall appear in regions where they have never appeared before. We say unto you, prepare, therefore, for this time….

 We say unto you, there are those in your land who should crucify once again the Jewish people, those of the Israelites. There shall be those in your land that shall look upon different races and blame them for the problem at hand. We say unto you also that now is the time, close at hand, when one shall come forth who will have an answer for all things. And this one shall be the Anti-Christ. And for those who should wear the mark of the Beast, woe be upon them. [Editor’s note: See The Revelation, chapters 12-13.]

We say unto you, wear not the mark of the Beast. The Lord, God, did make thee free….

The Fifth Angel [and the Sixth now] walks upon thy earth. Now is the time of the Cherubim.

July 8, 1974: And we say unto you unto these words, for the blind shall see, and the deef [deaf] shall hear, for nothing shall be left uncovered and nothing shall be hidden. Yet there will be those who can not see, though they can see with their eyes, and yet those who can not hear, yet they can hear with their ears. But we say unto thee, hark. For those who may hear we say unto you, we are here but for one purpose -- the preparation for the coming of the Messiah….

  For as the spirits of God should be as the pebbles in a brook, as the souls of man should be as pebbles of an ocean, as the spirits of man should be as the pebbles in a river, all shall flow unto the many lands. The doorway shall be opened. We are here to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah.

We have brought you forth. The psychic abilities we have placed within the same, of soul Ray, should be utilized and publicized to the fullest extent. We say unto you, go forth. We shall open the doorways for you. Hasten, leste the Seventh Seal should be opened upon thy earth, for the Fifth [and Sixth] Angel walks upon your earth now. [See The Revelation, chapters 5-20.]

We say unto you, thy haven’t known of the story of Jonah, that our Lord, God, sent him forth unto the city to warn the people of a day of destruction of the city? And the people did change their ways and turn back unto their God, and the Lord, God, spared the city. Jonah became much disillusioned and walked out of the city and said, “Oh Lord, why have you placed me into such ridicule?”


This choice has been given the Earth this day, this time. If man shuns these words, this Rose without a Thorn, then man shall perish in a polluted land and no rose at all shall grow….

We have placed before you a prophet, a healer. We have molded into “our kind, of our image,” a gift unto man, that he that should come after this one should bring forth your thousand years of peace upon your earth, a new heaven and a new earth, that the earth may join with the other proportions of the galaxies in peaceful harmony, that God’s children may return back unto their many mansions, each in their own way, each by their own free choice…. [See The Revelation, chapters 21-22.]

Even in the time, the time of the barbarians, in the hours of darkness, if the Rose is not picked up, then the years of darkness shall come upon the earth. But even then, it shall emerge into light again….

"Thank you, Aka. [7-7-74-004] asks, ‘Concerning the famine, which you have spoken of, how widespread, and to what degree will it affect the E1 Paso-Southwest area? And when can we expect its coming?’”

We shall answer in this manner. The time of the famine is now. You are entering into that of an inflationary depression. Crop failure across the land has multiplied unto the same. Your dollar has inflated itself beyond comparison and shall continue for a period of time to do the same. And then will come forth the time when it will stabilize itself and be worth more. [Note: And this was true. For example, the DJIA fell from about 800 when Aka spoke these words to 578 by the end of that year. Then it rose to 10000 in 1976. It fell again in 1980, and then climbed until the year 2000, then fell to 7591 in 2002-03, and rose to its high of 13930 in 2008, to plummet below 8000 today. In January 2009, MSNBC shows photos of men in lines for food in 1932 in New York and asks, “Is this another Great Depression?”]

Yet we say unto you, store, therefore, unto seed and grain. Store, therefore, unto the foodstuff, of both fruits and vegetables of all kinds. Store in such a way that you may take from your storehouse and replenish as time goes forward. And in this manner you shall be prepared for the same. But as your dollar inflates, that that you buy today, you shall pay more for tomorrow. We would suggest in this manner, that full knowledge on this subject has been placed within soul Ray’s mind. Come unto him for consultation -- or bring forth him into lecture form that he may tell unto the multitudes…. [Note: In 1974 it seemed almost impossible to believe what Ray told us, that a loaf of bread that cost 50 cents would one day cost $5.]

“Thank you, Aka. [ ]…asks, ‘What changes to our lifestyle as we now know it will take place in the next 10 to 15 years?’”

We shall answer in this manner. Much shall depend upon your own free choice, and that of your fellow mankind. We say unto you, give unto God that that is God’s; give unto your brother that which should belong to your brother; but just as important, give unto yourself that that belongs to yourself. If you should do of such, in all manners you should be serving God. We should say unto you, plant your own field first; then go unto your neighbor and help him plant his.

Your lifestyle shall drastically change in the next 10 years. Medicine, as you know it, of this day shall take a drastic change. New power sources shall be brought forth upon the earth, new forms of travel. All these things should come forth. But war, also, may come forth with it.

This is your earth. This is your time. Make your choice.

But we say unto you and to all mankind, the Lord, our God, loves of His children. But we say, as He gave unto Moses the Ten Commandments, must it be necessary once again that the days of Noah shall come forth upon your land? Must these days of darkness, must the Sixth Seal be opened, and then the Seventh? Must all of the words we have spoken not be heard? Nay. [See The Revelation, chapters 6-8. The spiritual messengers of God told us beforehand, in 1983, that the Sixth Seal had been opened – it was before fishermen off the coast of Peru discovered a warm underwater current in the Pacific at Christmas they named, El Nino, which scientists think changes the Earth’s climate. El Nino brings strong storms, tornadoes of greater frequency and intensity, strong hurricanes, heavy rainfall, and flooding of rivers and farmland in some parts of the earth, and yet, droughts, famines (and thus pestilence) in others. Whether the climate experiences an El Nino or La Nina season depends on which way the underwater Pacific current flows, warmed by volcanic activity. Remember Aka’s words, the great Sword is cutting our earth, dividing the land and dividing man.]

February 25, 1976: As we have said before, that we would tell you when the time of the famine had arrived, and so we say unto you…pestilence and droughts, earthquakes, tornados, and volcanoes shall sweep the land. We say unto you, thousands and millions shall die. But prepare thyselves, now, and this need not happen.

Your world shall go hungry. The one known as Jesus did say, “For beware when that day should arrive. Pray that it does not come in the winter time, for thy children shall freeze from the cold, for they should have not clothing nor food.” And we say unto you, prepare, now, and these things thy shall live through….[See Mark 13:14-20. Let us pray that the seventh seal not be opened.]

We told you we were here but for one purpose, and that was for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah….

Now we shall tell you that man shall be tempted, much as the one known as Jesus was tempted. For those who shall rise through this temptation shall walk in the footprints and beside the Messiah who should come. But all these things must come forth, so that your land and you shall be ready for his coming. The earth shall change its face; each step, one behind the other.

We shall say unto you, once before in this land did come a time such as this. You called it your depression, your Great Depression. And the wind did come and lain bare the ground. Yet many of you here this day lived through that time. Yet, you have become a different people, a people used to buying all things that they need. But now you have before you an inflationary depression. This can strike the land with a two-sided blade. One shall cut away the land, and part it. The other shall cut away the people….

We say unto you, the famine is upon you.

May 9, 1980: We shall explain to you, your Government is not going to fall. If the banks closed, your Government would fall, and this is not going to happen as long as it stands, “one nation, before God.” And the more people that heed these words, and the more people that come forth in their own way for the preparation of the coming of the Messiah – the freedom of your land, no one may take this from you; it’s a gift of God, and no tyranny shall strip it away. It shall alter and change. We have told you these things….

A new source of energy shall be placed at your hands. There’ll be times when that that you know [of] the banking system may be cut away from the people; this will be due to earth changes and isolation, but this isolation shall not be for long periods of time. Your currency shall be inflated even more, but it shall still be a good currency, for the dollar, as you would know it, shall soon stabilize itself on the world market. Remember, the whole world surrounds your dollar. If your dollar fails, the world fails, even the Russian world….[Continued on back page.]




Listening to Aka,

the spiritual messengers of God

as they spoke through Ray Elkins


October 9, 1970


Aka is here.

"Aka, does Ray stand with God?"

Soul Ray stands with God.

Now all is in accord. And now we say unto thee, be transformed.

And we say this into all, as we have said before, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. And upon your heaven shall be your earth, for as all is transformed into five upon your earth, therefore, you shall have a heaven on earth.

And you say unto us, “How could this be possible?” Then we would say unto thee, the time shall come, and this time shall be the time of One, and in this time all man shall be of five, for as it is written, man was made “of our kind, of our likeness.” Therefore, your time is near that what thee would know as the God of man and the man-God, for as you were made in “our kind, of our likeness,” your power and the power bestowed into man was not equal unto God, but of His likeness. We have said before, should thee choose to walk on the water with us -- one moment, please. [See Genesis 1:27-28, 5:1-24.]

Our Father -- our Father would say these words unto thee.


And this time, our Father should have the blood of the Lamb upon your land, for your Messiah shall walk with thee, in every corner of your earth and in every corner of your mind. Then, be ye transformed into our kind, into our likeness.

Can you understand of which we speak?

"No, Aka.”

Nay, then unto all disciples shall be these messages. First, our messages and our healing shall come into thy minds, as we have said before, as raindrops. Now thy enter the storm, and we see the necessity that thy minds shall develop far beyond your wildest imagination. Therefore, we should send these teaching dreams into thee.

But remember these words, soul Paul, fear not that the Lamb should blind thee; let him blind thee only with his love. And as you would blind another, blind them only with thy love.

And for soul Luke, we would say for the impatient one, blessed are those who should walk alone. Blessed are those who would fall, but yet, in their falling, help another upon their feet. Remember, soul Luke, our Father loves thee; our Father sends the blessings that thy seek. But nay, soul Luke, thy shall remain upon this earth to do the work in which we have chosen them. Your desire at times to pass beyond this is not of our Father’s choosing. Remember, soul Luke, that as Christ was tempted once before, so shall ye be tempted, in many ways. But think thee, that all demons shall be cast from thy mind, and knowledge of our Father’s shall take its place in thee. Remember, too, be not afraid to place thy hands upon another in healing; this power comes from our Father, for you shall be as in now, as in five.

And we say unto soul John, and to soul Matthew, these words. We have called thee to walk on the water with us. If thy choose to, and have faith, thy candle shall burn forever. Your feelings are hurt too easy. We see this. Replace thy feeling with faith.

And now, we see the question in thy mind. And we find the body, the soul and the spirit of soul [10-2-70-001]. And we see need of this reading. Therefore, we shall enter thee into thy immortal soul, thy immortal body, and thy immortal spirit.

And at this time, permission has been given that thy may travel in our Father’s light. Therefore, we find this soul in the time of [Treplan]. We find this soul as a laborer in the fields. At this period of man’s development, man has learned to control [others] minds, the development, the highly development of the mind. And as man controlled not only man’s mind, but man’s bodies, we find this soul as a birth thought. Before, man therefore could also change the chemical of other men in their thought pattern. Yours was not complete, and therefore, you quietly looked beyond and into the heavens. And in your thought mind you prayed unto God for deliverance, and therefore, your Father reached down unto thee and unto thy people and delivered thee. You led your people out of this time. You lived at that time for 940 years. You took all things with you but the knowledge, the scientific knowledge necessary to maintain your life in the span as before. Therefore, your descendants grew backward into the animal-beast.

Now, we find this entry again not until the time of the year of number 4 in Atlantis. At this time we find this soul as a cobbler, a maker of the shoes that were worn. These shoes that were made at this time were not of, like any thy know of today; these shoes were known as a...anti-gravity shoes. The shoes were used to offset the force of your earth’s gravity. We find you much in the work of Priest [Arcan]. And in one of the many visits by Priest [Ra-Tai], you were transformed into the land known as Egypt, there to do much work in the temple of transformant and in the temple of enlightment.

Now, we see not again this soul until the time of the Essenes, or as you would know it, the time of waiting, the time before, as you would know him, Jesus Christ. We find you at this time as a shepherd. And as the angels spoke unto thee of the coming of the Messiah, you journeyed to worship this child, and therefore, stayed with this child until after his 13th birthday, and therefore, we find thee dying of a fever. At this time Christ placed his hands upon you and called thee back. And thy lived beyond the life of Christ upon this earth.

Now, we see not this soul again, and because of Jesus’ recall of this life, we see not again of this soul until the 1800s. At this time we find this soul born at what thy now know of Yorktown. We see, working on the docks of Yorktown, we see thy slaying another man. We find that the impact from this has brought thee into this plane of this time.

Now, we would say unto this soul, for what thy have done unto others has now been done unto thee. And we say unto this soul, thy have seen the light of our Father. Therefore, thy have come, as thy would know it, transformed, back into One.

Now we would ask this soul again to do as he had done before, for you have been called back to do this work. Remember, now is the time again of waiting. Now is the time thy shall wait, for this time shall be even more important than was before. For as the Messiah was born before, he shall be born again. Have patience, have faith, and not as thy was once before, but as we shall call thee in this time, and we shall call you as -- one moment, permission must be given.

Yes, we see this.

And we should call thee, Lot.

Thy asked, as Lot, “What work should be done?” And we say unto thee, remain where you are, in the position you are. There is mighty work to be done, that other men may be transformed.

New knowledge shall be born into thee. Think thee tonight and for three nights, first, of our Father and then of the word, Aka, that we may enter. Then come again.

This is all of this soul at this time.

Ask your other questions.

"Aka, soul Ruth asks a question this evening. ‘We have been told to store food for a time of famine. How can we eat when others are starving?’”

In these words we should say unto soul Ruth, there are many foods upon your earth. We see the needs of others. But remember that all men should eat of the food of God, that the time shall come that no man shall be hungry for any type of food; this work must go on. Our Father has given unto thee healing; there is mighty work for thee, Ruth. Remember, our Father blesses thee unto the highest. Our Father gives thee the gift of healing. Go forth and use this gift unto others. There are many ways of healing. Where there is no food, thy thought may provide food for others, both mentally and physically, if in thy thought and in thy prayer, ask that this food be given unto others. But remember, do not trespass upon another.

Ask your other questions.

"Aka, at this time, can you give a continuation on soul P__’s health reading?”

We should say unto thee again, soul Peter, at this time -- one moment. Our Father should give the healing at this time that is needed, both mentally and physically. We would suggest that soul P__, at this time, the taking of Lydia E. Pinkham. Also, we would suggest that, within six weeks, if the problem at hand is not completely settled, then the other help shall be. But remember, our Father gives unto thee complete healing. Our Father cannot give unto thee what thy would not accept. If thy would believe this in thy mind, our Father would give it, complete healing. And before three nights shall pass, thy shall dream as thy were before and the light of our Father shall [shine] upon thee, and thy shall taste of the Lamb’s blood. This is all on this soul at this time.

"Aka, at this time we have another experimental release on one we have brought up before, much to my error in pronunciation of the name. We would like to try again for a health reading on a [9-5-70-007]. Can you give us any information on him at this time?”

Yes, we see the body, the soul and the spirit; we also see [their] need. Therefore, permission has been given.

We find, first, on this soul, cancerous-type growth on the facial area. We also find this growth shall inline deeply into the vocal cord area. We would suggest that this soul seek a good physician.

We find healing could be suggested within thy group, if each one, in their own way, should give of a prayer for this soul. [Editor’s note: There is a 50-second pause.]

Now, we should also say, remember, in thy request thy cannot ask and we are not given permission to give information from one soul unto another. This reading was given only by permission from our Father, for this soul did not sign, as thy would know it, of the release form.

Now soul Ray becomes very weak, and therefore, we would suggest that thy should waken him. But remember, before we go, now is the time of the Cherub.

[Editor’s note: Numbers are substituted for names, addresses and birth dates to respect privacy. This transcript was compared with the audio recording to improve accuracy. Copyright © 1970 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.]


Welcome to another surprise year. I call it that because it seems that anything after 2000 is a surprise. It is not the same as anything in the numbers that came in the time beginning with 19 such as 1999. 1+9= 10 or a 1 and anything that comes in the year 2000 are under the energy of 2. The “1” is a beginning; a “2” is the sharing. “2” is a pairing time and learning to work with your fellow man. Now the surprise part is the next number you add. This year it is the “9.” Add a 2+9 and you get a “2” or an “11” year. There is the “2” again.

This is a year of diplomacy and cooperation in dealing with others in business and in our personal lives as well. Learning to share and having patience to wait for it is the strength of this year. You will find patience is a hard thing when you are under stress, but if you can do so you will learn from and enjoy this New Year. Aggressive impatience will cause trouble and hard times for all. It will be bad enough for many without disharmony, and we will all be ask to share what we have or what we know for many this year. Keep peace in your hearts and you will find you can help others as well. Due to stress and worry, anger and illness is going to be great for many. Hopefully we will find a way to help our sick ones and come up with financial help for all who need it but as long as we work together we can make it. It will seem as if our prayers aren’t working but they are. We must keep our focus when we pray. Thoughts are too easily scattered but we can pull through as long as we stay focused.

Our crazy weather is also a factor in the problems we face. It will be cold because it is winter, but we will have some really bad storms where it is usually calm and dry and it will dry out in places that usually have a lot of rain or snow. Flooding then of course will come. Fires and mudslides will be very prominent in more than just California. Summer will see things turning toward better times. July and August will see some interesting growth in the world vision. Just remember, keep harmony around keep cool and quiet about your problems and others will enjoy you even more.

Now we also have the “11” or master number, meaning any who can keep up with the heavier energy are stronger than most and can handle some of the harsher times. “11” is actually a strong-willed person that handles things with a soft, but determined hand on, whatever the problem may be. This person usually is a spiritual or political leader that can do well as long as ego or pride doesn’t interfere. We will see what that brings as the year goes on.

I hope you have a good year and all becomes better with the world, and may you know that prayer will take you where ever you want to. God bless, and enjoy!!!






 This is the year of the OX, a big, lumbering animal with a bad temper and a lot of muscle to move around. This is a stable, solid animal with a strong character and usually very tolerant and a good sense of humor, but when his anger is aroused he has a very bad temper. The ox is fearless and will move forward with determination even if it is wrong. They aren’t stupid by any means, but they are very stubborn. When they set their mind to a task it usually is accomplished. They have the strength to work hard and expect the same from everyone else around them. When they are on their relax time they prefer to be at home doing whatever it takes to bring them peace from their working attitude. If this means sleep they sleep, if it means more work, they work just as hard at home as at work, but feel better for it because it is something they wanted to do. I guess we shall see first hand; our new president is born in the year of the OX, August 4, 1961

This is the time of the year to dust off your old stuff and clear away what is not needed. Your upcoming New Year is a time of prosperity and progress because the OX is a hard-working, brown earth cow who believes in hard work, celebrations, and much leaning toward family and honoring the ancestors. You will be replacing the old with new and feeling pretty good about things as long as the ancestors are happy. Earth is a very important thing to focus on now, and you just can’t forget it. The winter is very rough, and then spring will bring many floods and fires and the OX will find need to be very busy. Work will be available. Money will be available if you work at it and OX expects every one to work. It can be a very harsh time for some because of the loss of jobs and homes and sometimes family. But the OX year is not heartless and will give back with love and as much understanding as is possible. There will be people to help. Don’t give up. It’s all a brand new beginning. Happy New Year! May God’s blessings be upon us all!!!


Year of the Rat: 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008. This is a good luck year for the Rat.

Year of the Ox: 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009. This is a strong but good luck year for the Ox.

Year of the Tiger: 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010. This is a good luck year for the

Tiger who will even get along with people.


Year of the Rabbit/Cat: 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011. This is a good time year for the Rabbit/Cat. Have fun!

Year of the Dragon: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000. This is a strong but lucky year for the dragon in work and family.


Year of the Snake: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 1990, 2001. This is a year that the Snake will be strangely protected by Mother Earth.

Year of the Horse: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002. This is a good luck year for the Horse which is also protected.


Year of the Goat: 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003. This is a year of good relationships when you aren’t fighting, good luck year otherwise for the Goat.

Year of the Monkey: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004. This is a year of some problems of health but that will be overcome and this will turn out to be a good luck year for the Monkey.

Year of the Rooster: 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1982, 1993, 2005. This will be a protected year for the Rooster. No matter what may be, they will manage, sometimes without knowing it, to thrive.


Year of the Dog: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1983, 1994, 2006. This is a good time of attractions for the Dog. Money, relationships, good times for the usually stressed Dog. Have a good year, it’s good for you.

Year of the Boar: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1984, 1994, 2007. This is a rough year for the Boar. Health is the tough factor. Relationships are good and money is there but it is sometimes a rough time. You will overcome!


Always remember this is for fun, and God is your guide. That is how it should always be. God bless and keep you and yours, and may your New Year be kind and prosperous.


Thank you,

Rev. Georgia Beamon



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November 1, 1975: We say unto you, hark, for we bring not unto thee the tidings thy wish to hear. We have spoke unto thee before of the coming of the famine, and we have told unto thee the time is now, and we have said unto thee a part of your book of Revelations….

Your inflationary depression walks hand in hand with your Fifth Angel, that now walks upon the ground, and man should wallow in its pity. For those of you who should fall, yet not rise, there shall be no more. But for those who shall stand, fall, and stand again, the storm should soon pass over and beyond them. And the country should rise in strength once again. We have said unto you that these years should be lean years….

There will be those who shall rush around and destroy not only themselves but many others. Now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to gather yourselves in the greatness of yourselves. And you shall find the strength that shall lie there forth in the group forms. We shall say once again, your salvation, your strength Text Box:      Please come to 11 a.m. Sunday services at a church to God on Dripping Springs Road, 27 miles south 
of Globe, Arizona, off Highway 77. 
     July 8, 1974, the messengers of God said: We say unto you, thy haven’t known of the story of Jonah, that our Lord, God, sent him forth unto the city to warn the people of a day of destruction of the city? And the people did change their ways and turn back unto their God, and the Lord, God, spared the city….
     All that stands between the seventh seal is this work…Pray that the Seventh Seal not be opened.
     We were taught by Ray Elkins and Aka to come together as a group in one mind, as in prayer, and we can work miracles. November 25, 1977, Aka said: Remember the parable (August 2, 1975) of the people who had prepared their minds, and the fire that was set to destroy them, and they made the fire burn the other way. 
    March 1, 1985: Yet there is time and hope. Bring your minds together, as we have told you before.      
     Please join us in prayer beginning at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, 8:00 p.m. Central time, 7:00 p.m. Mountain time and 6:00 p.m. Pacific time. Pray about prophecies in newsletters, scriptures and the news.

shall come in your group forms, that of being able to rely upon your brother, and your brother being able to take count of you. But from it all shall sprout a Rose without thorns. [Note: This is said to symbolize the birth or preparation for the Messiah.]

We shall now say unto thee in this way, in this manner, of a new, unto you, of electrical force that could be brought forth upon your earth in your time and crisis of energy needs. We shall say unto you that cosmic energy may…be dispensed much as you dispense your present electricity….

Now is the time of the Cherub. Glory be the name of the Lord, our God. Glory unto man, His children.

September 9, 1983: Look for that quiet place within your soul and body and mind, and you shall find that which is most desired unto you.

And now we shall say unto you, for fear only grows fear. It brings not laughter, nor joy, nor happiness to your hearts. Anger leaves you with an unclear head, not to think with, not to plan with, not to build with. Ask yourself, in each task that you take, what is the most loving thing you can do for another? And then do it. If you should take from your daily lives, and do this that we say, the world of peace that we all seek, the preparation for the coming of the Messiah, can be and shall be a reality. Now we say unto you, glory be the name of the Lord, thy God; glory be the name of His children.

June 26, 1981: There are many of you here this night who have gifts that you may give to one another. They are not a material thing. They are the most beautiful of things, of all things -- this word you use so often, yet know not the meaning of, the simple word of love.