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Published by the Association of Universal Philosophy, P.O. Box 1142, Globe, AZ 85502. Copyright © 2009


You ask unto us, “What shall take place between now and this time of a thousand years?”

And we should tell unto you, first, of your famine; this man shall bring upon himself”


Thirty-nine years ago, the spiritual messengers of God, Aka, arrived with the brightest comet of the century on April 3, 1970, the day Jesus was crucified and promised to return. They spoke through a man, Ammie Ray Elkins, in a little desert town appropriately named Globe. They said they have come to prepare a way for the Messiah.

No one recognized the words they spoke were in fulfillment of prophecies of the Messiah’s return.

A person asking questions could not even understand a certain word, when they said to prepare. Neither could those of us who gathered to listen later. But now, events similar to those of which Aka spoke are before us daily in the news.

Amidst the prophecies, the spiritual messengers of God herald the greatest news of the Messiah’s coming. “We come, not to change the Laws or the prophecies, but to show man their fulfillment today.”

As you read their words, you may notice that they follow the sequence of what was written 2,000 years ago in The Revelation that God gave to Jesus who sent his angel to show his servants what must happen shortly. Are they revealing the signs for which he told us to look, right before the Messiah comes? They lovingly tell us so that we can recognize long-awaited signs unfolding right before our eyes.

Aka and Ray often spoke of Jesus’ words: “Learn a lesson from the fig-tree. When his tender shoots appear and are breaking into leaf, you know that summer is near. In the same way, when you see all these things, you may know that he is near, at the very door.” (Matthew 24:1-8, 32-33.) They ask us to prepare a place within our hearts so they and he may enter.

As troubling times on Earth grow more frequent and intense, like the birth pangs of which Jesus spoke, let us take from the worse of things and best of things the greater news. In it we can find hope, faith, love and God.

Many things on Earth are not God’s doing; some unfold because of man’s choices. Some need not happen if we accept this message and choose another path. And some events are just the Earth making a natural adjustment of balance, as our planet has many times before. Over and over again the messengers of God have lovingly sought to warn us, so disasters may be diverted. They have even told us how to combine our minds with theirs in prayer, and if we live in a righteous manner, our Father will answer us. If man chooses not listen, we can prepare and be safe, knowing His angels will watch over us.

He sends His spiritual messengers to tell us -- and more importantly, to bring us the good news. What greater love could anyone receive?

How blessed we are to once again hear that for which mankind has long awaited. Let us not despair when we see these signs, but rejoice, for the Messiah is coming! [See John 16:13-24.]

“For those who are wise to hear,” let us hear!

“We are here but for one purpose, to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah.”


“The Red Horse is here….
Prepare for the time of famine”
Thoughts by the Editor

As Aka warned, the crucial time was in about 10 years. It was then the U.S. C.I.A. covertly funded and trained Osama Bin Laden to lead Taliban fighters against the Soviet Union. In 1994 Bin Laden declared war against the U.S. On September 11, 2001, Al Qaeda attacked the U.S. 
In 1988, Aka told us, “The red horse is Pakistan.” This summer we hear that Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists are closer to capturing Pakistan’s nuclear missiles. Bin Laden repeated this month that the U.S. is Al Qaeda’s enemy because it supports Israel.
Russia has provided support to Iraq, and now Iran, to build nuclear reactors, after the Soviets lost the war in Afghanistan. Is Russia seeking another route for expansion to the south by supplying nuclear technology and missiles to Iran? 
Those in the Middle East have long warred with other sects and faiths, as we see by militant radical religious fundamentalists today. Many say only when those of different religions can accept one another will peace come to the Middle East. Russian interest in the Middle East would not be religious; is it to control the oil? 
Last month a ship with Russian mid-range missiles able to strike Europe was intercepted bound for Iran. 
News reports this month are of a Russian submarine sighting off the U.S. East Coast. Rev. Jack Van Impe on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) reminds us that a nuclear missile launched 200 miles offshore could explodes in the air and cause an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that would shut down electric power in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, as well as damage most electronics that are on, such as phones, radios, TVs, and computers that control lights, water, gas pumps, cash registers, banking, airplanes.
We may not know what country is the Lion? 
Iran’s militant radical religious fundamentalist leaders believe their Savior will not come until the Jewish nation is annihilated. They see the U.S. as their enemy. Some estimate that Iran will have a nuclear weapon within three months; others by February 2010. Iran is now building nuclear sites in Venezuela. Hugo Chaves promises to sell refined oil to Iran if there are sanctions. 
Let us pray that the Seventh Seal not be opened.
In the first month they came, on April 29, 1970, the messengers answered a question with news of the century, as only spiritual messengers God sent could know.

"Do you have something for us?” they were asked.

Their words sound like prophecies told in scripture of what will happen as the Lamb opens the second seal on his Book of Life, before he comes. (See The Revelation chapters 4-6.)

As I have said before, the time of the Red Horse is here.

I have said that the Horse will attack the Bear (U.S.S.R.). Now I will warn thee that the Eagle (U.S.A.) shall join the Bear. The fuse is lit. And as it burns, it may consume thy earth.

As in all things, a free choice -- there are chances still that this shall not happen. But from the extra claws the Eagle will attach to itself, it does not look like it shall avoid these wars. Therefore, the crucial time shall be in the next ten years. Prepare thy group for its coming. Prepare for the time of famine.

"The time of whom?” [Rod could not even understand Aka’s word.]



Nay. The time of the great famine.


Yes. At a later time instructions shall be given to the preparation for this time.

Now, there is another warning. This is within our close communities. If certain steps are not taken, there shall be a critical financial time ahead. Prepare thyselves for this time. Still this may be avoided. But I do not think at this time it shall be. Therefore, prepare thee for this time….

"Is there anything else that you would like to give us at this time?”

In the process of the Bear (U.S.S.R. or Russia), the Horse, and the Eagle (U.S.A.), the Bear shall be bitten by the Lion, and the Eagle shall be bitten by the Lion. The only way that these things can be prevented -- that the building of the temple of God in man -- that the building of not the churches, but of the philosophy of God in man, and the knowledge that all man has been born before and shall be born again -- that not only shall man live again, but so shall a nation in a different form. And [yet] could it be not that this nation of yours be destroyed and there should be an awakening.

This is all at this time.

Aka was asked, May 1, 1970: Do you have a special message for us before we begin the readings?’

Yes, the Eagle of thy plane has taken upon it claws. This is good, but if the Eagle is not careful, it shall go into total war. Watch now for the Red Horse, for she shall strike in another area that the Eagle yet thinks not. Because of this, the Lion shall bite the Eagle, for she shall think the Eagle wrong….

What other information would thy ask?

“[4-3-70-002] asked about some information on the storing of food in preparation for the famine.”

Yes, this should be done. But in thy preparation, store seed, store it preferably in airtight containers, that no air may enter. If possible, the pumping out of any air in the container as these stores are made would be good. But, it would also be suggested that this should not be done as, as you would say, a rush thing. Store a little, as thy can afford it. Store also, in containers, no flour. Store either rice or corn. This also, if possible, the air should be taken from the containers that it is stored in. The preparing of certain fruits and vegetables, as thy call it, either in canned goods – yes -- more information shall be given to you from time to time.

Also, it would be suggested that thy should get a script of thy known herbs of that location.

"What location?”

The one around thee of both the desert and the high land, preferably the high land. This will be safer in the days of famine.

“All right. What will cause this famine?”

Man shall cause this famine.


July 25, 1970: Now that our Father has given us permission, this we would say to thee; that in the days of the Anti-Christ, father shall slay father [son] and mother shall slay daughter. Of all foul things shall be. But for these of God’s children who have walked tall, nay, not one hair upon their head shall be harmed, for the Anti-Christ shall have no power over those of God’s children. And that is the reason we have told thee [to] prepare for the famine. The famine shall be lean, a very short period of time. But during this time -- during this time God’s children must prepare themselves. And it is not in the preparation only of food substance that we speak, for there shall be the time of the testing of your faith. And for those with faith shall walk upon the water, and they shall heal. Can you understand of which we speak? Nay. Then we should explain in another time.


“Yes, I am coming soon”
The Revelation 22:12
By the Editor
     It is written, “This is the revelation given by God to Jesus Christ. It was given to him so that he might show his servants what must shortly happen. He made it known by sending his angel….
     “Happy is the man who reads, and happy those who listen to the words of prophecy and heed what is written in it. For the hour of fulfillment is near.” (The Revelation 1:1-3) 
      Are the spiritual messengers of God whom the Messiah asked the Father to send (“who know Him best, that His words not be misinterpreted”) revealing to us meaning of The Revelation? Are they making known to us today the signs of which Jesus spoke “that will happen shortly” before the Messiah comes? 
     “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to you with this testimony.” (The Revelation 22:16)
     The Revelation, chapter 6:3-8, speaks of riders on the red, black and pale horses. Aka prophesies of a red horse that may bring war to the earth, if man is not careful, and of famine and pestilence. As you read their words in the sequence in which they were spoken, Aka appears to speak of these in the order in which the angel Jesus sent before revealed them. 
     The Revelation 6:3-8 says: “When the Lamb broke the second seal (on his Book of Life), I heard the second creature say, ‘Come!’ And out came another horse all red. To its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and make men slaughter one another; and he was given a great sword.”
     “When he broke the third seal, I heard the third creature say, ‘Come!’ And there, as I looked, was a black horse; and its rider held in his hand a pair of scales. And I heard what sounded like a voice from the midst of the living creatures, which said, ‘A whole day’s wage for a quart of flour, a whole day’s wage for three quarts of barley meal! But spare the olive and the vine.’  
     “When he broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth creature say, ‘Come!’ And there, as I looked, was another horse, sickly pale; and its rider’s name was Death, and Hades came close behind him. To him was given power over a quarter of the earth, with the right to kill be sword and by famine, by pestilence and wild beasts.”
         Aka warns of a famine that will be brought on by man. It may begin with inflationary depression. This could be followed by war, and pestilence, if man doesn’t change his direction. As always, there is free choice. This is but man’s probable path. It could change at any time we wish. Aka also warns us of increasingly frequent and intense earthquakes, storms, floods, droughts and fires, which we see. The Earth, last year, had more frequent earthquakes than in recorded history. (Are these birth pangs of which Jesus speaks?) In 2009, man-made fires in California were the worse on record. Even these disasters could bring on local famines and pestilence, and displace wild animals. 
     As his servants were told long ago what is to happen shortly, before the Messiah comes, are the spiritual messengers of God telling this to all who love our Father today? Are they gathering his lambs? When God’s messengers first came to Ray, Aka said they came “to bring Ray’s flock to God.” In doing so, may we find comfort when we recognize the signs, and prepare for the coming of the Messiah. May we prepare that place within our hearts and welcome him in.

June 9, 1970: Now, we see a question in thy minds of famine, of the day of famine.

If what is in the mind of some men of this earth plane at this time, this famine shall be created for a short period. [From] the positions of the mountains, the worst of this shall go over [you]. [Note: in Globe, Arizona.] Store seed of all natures. Store grain. Store as much dried and preserved fruits, vegetables, as thy can. Certain information has been placed in your hands at this time. This information has come from what thy call the Mormon church. They, in their own way, are preparing for this day of famine, for their prophets have told them of such.


August 10, 1970: Now, as we have said before, the time of the Cherub is now. Therefore, first we should tell thee, as thy have known before, of our Father, and our Father’s plan. That all may come in accord, we would tell thee that the time of the Messiah is close at hand….

There shall be a time of famine. Yes, we see this. We see that thy need spiritually shall be greater at that time than any other time in thy life span. At that time, brother shall attack brother, sister shall hate sister, father shall slay son. But no Father shall slay His own son. Can thy understand of which we speak?

Nay. Nay. Not at this time….

Then we would speak again of these messages and their meaning. There are many ways of healing and that healing shall come about. For the times and the half times shall be over at that time, as we have said, for now shall be the time of our Lord, our Father, our God. And our Father, who has shed many tears, should not shed but one -- and those tears shall be shed for His children. And our Father shall walk with thee. And His light shall shine upon thee. And all His angels, as thy call them, shall be with thee…

Then we should say that very soon, almost in the twinkling of an eye, parts of the upper proportion of Europe shall split apart, and the earth there shall change. We should tell thee, that at this time, the work that is happening -- as thy know it, Israel -- if your country denies, or does not give the gift it was intended to do, if it does not spread its wings and protect this area, then a new karma shall be born for your country and for your world -- for it was God’s plan that the time and half time should end, and therefore, the Jewish people should kneel before Christ. Thy do not understand of which we speak. But thy soon will.

Then we would say unto thee, be cautious of the Lion. Be cautious of the Red Horse. They are both moving very swiftly. Be careful that they do not bite in such a place that the wound cannot heal. Your greatest threat in your country is not from without, it is from within. If thy country should survive, then this stone thy would cast into the brook, that should flow to the river, and then flow to the ocean, this work must go on as fast as possible.


September 5, 1970: Now we should tell thee of our Father and His plan. In this locale, in what shall soon become known as the isles of California, we should say this, prepare thee for the famine. Prepare against the day of the tidal waves….

Now, as we have said before, we are here to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah; therefore, we, in ourselves, are not important. We are important to God. Our message, should it be heeded, shall save your earth, as thy would know it. But remember, our Father made all things, both of the heaven and earth. And those things that belong on the earth shall stay on the earth, and those things that belong in heaven shall stay in heaven. But remember, your earth is only one of many, and your people are only one of many.

Then we say unto you, do not kill this Prophet [the Messiah] who comes after us, for if you should try, then God's wrath shall be upon you, and thee shall dwell in a hell, as thy would think it, far beyond anything in thy wildest imagination, for our Father and we shall protect this one. But now, remember also, at this time shall come the Anti-Christ, and his stay upon your earth shall be lean, and he shall try and stamp upon the foreheads of God’s children his name. Those who may resist this shall stay in the Book which was written in the beginning of time. [Exodus 24:1-8. 25:10-22, 26:1-31, 31:1-18, 32:25-34, 33:5-23, 34:1-11, 29, 35:1-19, 37:1-19, 38:21, 39:30-43, 40:1-35, 2 Samuel 22:7-16, Ezekiel 21:11-16, 40:1-4, 41:13-26, 43:1-7, and The Revelation, chapters 4-7, 13:11-18, 15:2-4, 17:7-8, 19:1-16, chapters 20-22.]

And for those who think they have lost their soul, remember, God has set no rules for the worshiping of Him; man has made those rules. God asks only that you love of Him and love of thy brothers and sisters of this earth plane….Then, we would say unto you, now is the time of the Cherub.


September 25, 1970: Now you ask unto us, “What shall take place between now and this time of a thousand years?” And we should tell unto you, first, of your famine; this man shall bring upon himself.

The changing of your world, this is part of God’s plan, so that all man, of God’s people, of God’s children, shall become [all] one. Yet, you shall still remain as individuals, with individual thought, individual desire and individual need of food. We do not mean that you shall all be, become as one, only your love for your Father shall be as one. This time shall come about as your religions realize that each person has the right to worship his Father in his own way. Our Father intended this; this is why we have said before, “of His many mansions”….

And now, our Father would say unto thee, our Father both blesses and loves of His children, and He would say unto you, remember, now is the time of  “Come up hither”
Comments by the editor

“And out came another horse all red. To its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and make men slaughter one another; and he was given a great sword.”
      As this is being typed for you on 9/11/2009 we remember what happened across the country that restless (and peaceful) night before the 9/11/2001 attacks by Al Qaeda. Many people said they could not sleep. I felt Jesus hover above the whole United States. He drew near to embrace everyone who would receive him, like a shepherd cares for his sheep. In spirit I heard him say, “Come up hither.” He had come to all who would receive him, in great love, to invite all of us to be with him where he is. It was hours later when I saw a big sword standing upright over part of the northeastern U.S. It fell upon that region at the time the planes were hijacked. The Messiah had come beforehand, so we would not need to be alone or afraid. All who would receive him, no matter where we were, were immediately drawn up to him. As he lifted many up in our spirits to be safe with him, we only felt his love. Both the living and soon dead, were lifted up in spirit to be with him where he is. None with him experienced pain or death, but only went into his loving arms, just as all of us did who are alive. We only knew his love. Was it a rapture? Perhaps you could call it that. To be in his love is to know profound peace, fulfillment and radiant joy. 
      The spiritual messengers of God have told us that we can begin the thousand years of peace within ourselves at any time we wish. All we need to do is “open the door and let us enter, and therefore, there can be a place prepared within you – each of you – for his coming.” The children of God have nothing to fear (whether on 9/11 or at any other time) Aka tells us, for the angels of the Lord shall hover above us, and be with us and walk with us. We will be safe. 
      How blessed are we to hear, and to prepare a place within our hearts for his coming. Yet he awaits us now in that quiet place within our minds where God dwells.
       Scripture says, not even the angels of heaven know the exact day or hour the Messiah will return. The spiritual messengers of God have promised to tell us these things when our Father makes them known to them. It will be in God’s timing. Could the timing of some prophecies change because it is our Lord’s will to await many more who will accept His love? The Messiah has told us to recognize his coming by the signs. Are we seeing the fulfillment of the prophecies as the Lamb opens the seals on his Book of Life, and as the spiritual messengers of God prophesy? Let us prepare a place within ourselves, now, as we recognize it is the season – he is “at the very door.”
the Cherub. [Note: Through the Cherubim our Father speaks to man, fulfilling His loving promise, or covenant.]


May 2, 1971: And now, we should tell thee again of the time of the Anti-Christ. For soon upon your earth all things shall change, for men should burn and steal and kill, and darkness shall come upon your earth. But the children of God shall fear not, for the angels shall hover above your earth and gather, as once before, the lambs of earth. And those who resist the mark of the Beast shall live again in God's kingdom. And for those who shall wear the mark of the God, and who were in the Book of the beginning and who are in the Book of this time, for their descendants, our Father has promised a thousand years of peace upon your earth. But remember, this time shall come, not as you count, but as our Father should count. And once again, the Messiah shall walk your earth and give blessings. [See The Revelation, chapters 12-22.]

But it shall be different, for now we shall give thee this message. For as before, the Messiah walked in five places, he shall not this time upon this coming. And for those who should wear the mark of Christ, the Lamb, their descendants and their descendants forevermore shall dwell in the house of the Lord. And temptation shall be taken from their path, for at this time that that dwells in man, which is Lucifer, shall be no more. And all the Jewish people of the earth shall bow before Christ. [See Zechariah 12:9-14.]

And you ask, “How can this be possible?” And we say unto you in this manner. For our God, our Lord, can change the descendants of man as you can turn a stone, for this word, as we have said before, for as God’s spirit flows as a brook, as man’s spirit flows as a river, as the souls of man should flow as an ocean to the many lands, to the many nations, to the many tongues, and all shall become as one.

But remember these words. Our Father and yours, our God, has many mansions. All man was given free choice. God asks that you should love of Him one-tenth of the love that He should give unto you, and He asks that thee love of thy fellow man.

And we should say unto thee, prepare thee for the famine. Store of the food for each man, woman and child upon thy earth; store food for one year of your calendar. Store seeds that thy may replant and replenish the earth. Store the seed of knowledge that thy may take this [on] to thy descendants of all forms. Store pure drinking water, and this should be done to sustain you for six months. Store farm implements; tools of all nature and kind. Can thy understand of which we speak?...

"I have one short question. We are now storing dehydrated or freeze-dried foods; is this bad?”

This is good.


August 15, 1971: "Is there anything you would like to tell us this evening?"

We see thy need. Therefore, we should say upon these words. Thy have spoke many times of thy churches, thy places of worship unto the Lord, and we have said unto thee these words, for the temple of God is in man. For the churches of thy worship do not make the man, the man brings the temple of God into thy churches, and therefore, places his place of worship into the Lord. Thy have many questions, ask.

"Yes, Aka, the question has come up that on the different nights of your coming there are different voices. Are we right in this belief?”

We should say unto thee these words. For as there is a council of Thirteen, and as we have told unto thee these words -- there are many souls, many spirits, as we were sent for the one who asked -- for the council of Thirteen, this is made up of many spirits, as thy would know them. But remember also, we are not great. For our coming, permission must be given from our Lord, our Father. But we should say of these words of our coming, we are here to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah. [See John 14:1-5,15-28, 16:6-15, chapter 17, and Acts 1:6-26, 2:1-28.]

And we should say these words unto thee. Thy shall live through the dark ages again, for upon our coming also came the time of the Cherub. And the Fourth Angel is upon thy earth. For famine, for the infection thy have placed upon the earth of our God, not one stone upon thy earth shall be left unturned. But your Earth shall not end. Your Earth shall go on, for our Father has promised into thee a new heaven and a new earth. And for the children of our Father, there shall be a thousand years of peace upon your earth. But remember also, this is as our Father should count. For the wise to hear and the wise to learn. For this also is the time of the coming of the anti-Christ, and his name should be of six times  sixty-six, as it is written upon the records of time. In thy study of astrology thy should think upon the 12 months of the year; but think thee upon the 24 months of the year, for this was as it is in the beginning, and so it should be in the ending. [See The Revelation, chapters 4 - 8, 12 -14, 15:1-4, 19 - 22.]  

November 9, 1971: Fear not, the children of God -- but begin to prepare for the time of the famine.


November 19, 1971: And now, as we have said before, we shall tell thee of the time of the famine. Now is the time of the Red Horse. At this time the Red Horse has made the moves of peace, the sign of peace, but it does so in falsehood, for there is many in this land of the Red Horse who think that treachery.

Once before, your nation was betrayed, and therefore, was wounded, but the Eagle flew again, as it shall again. But we see danger for your land. For in the mind of the Red Horse, the thought is to attack the Eagle. In that proportion of the land which shall be known in the future as the isles of California, in that proportion known as San Francisco, eruptions shall be caused by the Red Horse. And it shall be caused from explosions under the sea. These, with your own explosions, shall trigger a great earthquake into the same. We also find in this proportion known as San Pablo destruction. Therefore, we have said unto your groups that we should make these things known unto thee before they happen[ed], that the children of God would not be harmed. For now [unto] your three-year period, this danger shall stand.

But if the Eagle should fly first, if the Eagle should guard and do the duty that it was made to perform -- we see in the minds of some of your people the thought not to protect that proportion of Israel. This must happen, for it is part of God’s plan. But the fuse is lit in that proportion known as France, and is growing steadily toward Israel. If this should ignite, so should your world ignite.

And we say unto these people of your group, prepare now for the famine. Prepare a way for others. Store of the feed. Store of the seed. Do this in a gradual manner. And fear not, for the angel of God hovers above thee.

March 23, 1973: As the Lord looks upon His many children and sees their need, He should send forth those unto man that should give them guidance in their day-to-day lives. Not always, in your hustle and bustle world, are you prepared to listen unto these. They would protect you and give you guidance. Take your time for meditation. Take your time unto listening to the messengers of God. But this does not have to be as the stork, to stand upon one leg and bury its head beneath its wing and hear not, nothing. It should be as the eagle flies -- open, loving, and understanding. Now is the time of Cherub. The Fifth Angel walks upon your earth. Hark unto this, or woe be those who shall not listen.

March 30, 1973: Prepare for the day of the famine, but do not do so in a reckless manner. Lay aside ten percent of your income each month. Put this into a group fund for buying. But buy these things in a sensible manner….Build yourselves a vault, placing it in a dry place. Store these things in quantity. The first of the famine shall come in the form -- because you have, your society has inflated itself, it should come, therefore, in the form of depression. Plant food things that thy can rely on to grow in your locale. You know of these. We have placed forth upon your earth an abundance of water for the cleansing of the land. We shall continue this for a short period of time. But we say unto you, if your budget shall not allow of ten percent, then place five percent, but do so in a sensible manner, and do so in a manner that each should pay their own share. Rotate your stock.

And we shall tell you into these words, of the time of [Egyman (Egyptians)], when famine did hit the earth for seven years. And part of the people came together and stored their food, and placed it away. And the day that the rain stopped and the earth became bare they were joyful, for they thought they had plenty to eat. And their animals were joyful, for they had plenty to eat. But robbers came into their storehouse and took away most of their foodstuff. And they prayed unto God, “Oh, woe, woe, for Lord, we have done unto Your bidding, and robbers have taken from us our food.”

And the Lord spoke unto them and said into these words, “GO FORTH AND BAKE YOUR BREAD.” And they did so. Yet, no matter how much they took from their storehouse, there was always some left, for they had faith in the Lord. Without this faith, their grain would have soon run out.

And this is true unto yourselves. For those who have faith unto the Lord, they shall survive. For those who have no faith, they shall have none. For the measure of your wealth shall be the measure of your faith.

But do not be as the farmer who had many tasks to perform and ran from place to place and wrung his hands in despair and did nothing. Take upon yourselves one task at a time and do it well. And your Father shall provide, and your storehouse shall not become empty. Put forth the effort that is needed, both in the building of your spiritual selves and the building within your group. Bring strength forth and unity. Plan together, but be joyful unto one another…Now is the time to grow from the good soil. Lift up your hearts.

But for those who should stand and only find fault and do nothing, nothing shall be provided….

“Aka. I have one question about the depression. When will this come, and how long will it last?”

We shall tell of thee things. But first, pick up your hoe, and show us the faith.

May 25, 1973: We have told you of the famine to come. Do not run around as hysterical children. Do not destroy those things that you have built. We shall guide you. Take each step in a sensible manner. But remember also the feeding of your families, the seeing to their needs, is just as important as the preparation for that time, and it is in part of itself….

There shall be many who should come unto you and say, do this, and do that. Store this, and store that. You within your minds shall know of those things to store. But we say unto you, store not that that you could eat today, as well as tomorrow, but store that -- first, in such a place that the rats cannot enter, second, in such a manner that it should last over a long period of time. And worry not that those should laugh at you for doing so, for remember, there were many who laughed at Noah.

June 8, 1973: Famine shall come. Storms shall come. Man shall survive. A cleansing shall come of the earth….Prepare for this within yourselves, but do not run away. Do not hide. Become part of that which is preparing for the same. But prepare within yourself. For if you doubt us not, you have seen from which we came. You have seen the signs we placed upon the earth and in the heavens for all to see. But we say, hark, unto you, that the blind should see and the deaf could hear. For those who walk in a righteous manner, no harm shall come unto them. But do not go into the desert without your provisions and blame it upon God.

If you came upon a well that gave good water and you looked up into the heavens into God and said, “Oh, Lord, I’m afraid of this water; I’m afraid to drink of it, for I know not whether it is poison or it is rich, sweet water,” and the Lord should look down upon you and give you a sign -- and so He has. The final date, we shall give from time to time those things that shall happen. It should give you ample warning. Take heed from the readings. There is much knowledge stored here.



Listening to Aka, the spiritual messengers of God,

as they spoke through Ray Elkins

If you look closely above, around, and in front of the body you can see 12 or 13 (infinitely) long rays shining from above, surrounding and entering into it. Each ray is as the colors of the rainbow − all the spectrum of the universe, visible and invisible – entering in a covenant from God in His ever-enduring promise to man. This is an actual photo of the spiritual messengers of God, Aka. They were sent from our Creator from the infinite, through the universe and universes, and galaxies beyond galaxies, to hover above the Earth, and Globe, and to enter into a man to speak to us in this time.

The photo was taken in 1973 with a 35-mm-Nikormat camera after Ray had left his body to walk up a “stairway” or column of Light to stand with God, to allow the spiritual messengers of God to come to speak through it. No other light source was in the room except a dimmed chandelier on the ceiling behind the photographer. It was not above or behind the body, so it could not create these rays. It was dark outside; the corner of the room was not near the window in front and to the right which had closed, thick drapes. Nor did the dark-brown paneling on the walls reflect light. This multicolored spectrum of seen-and-unseen light is from a spiritual source. You can see the rays that come from our Father in which the spiritual messengers of God travel. [Note: The microphones in the photo were blessed by Do you see the spiritual messengers of God in the photo?

them to not interfere with their coming.]

July 25, 1970, the spiritual messengers of God explained how they speak: You ask a translation of our words. Then speak of this translation and we should answer, for permission has been given. Then, we would say in this way. In the beginning, your world is part of a greater world; your universe is part of a greater universe. And as the worlds, and worlds to be, and worlds who have passed into nothingness, and shall pass into nothingness were created -- by our Father created -- the rays which shine from always our Father, these are from which we speak.

And thy ask of how we speak? Remember, in the translation between your time and ours, between your plane and ours, our Father said, “SPEAK.” Our Father made His choice of the instrument [the man, Ammie Ray Elkins]. And, in another time, the first of the same [Ammie] still meant the same, for the first of the name at that time meant “beloved,” or “David,” or “unto.” All, in many, many languages, mean the same. Now, of the second [Ray] -- and those were chosen for the rays that came from our Father in which we travel -- and the direction they came would be the same, for we travel from the east. Can thy understand from which we speak?



May 2, 1986

Globe, Arizona


Aka is here.

“Good evening, Aka; where is soul Ray?”

Soul Ray stands with God.

Yes, we see thy need. We should answer in this manner. Glory be the name of the Lord, thy God.

Yes. For the listening device should be listened, should be turned up. [Note: The speaker volume needed to be turned up.]

Yes, we see thy need. We shall answer in this manner and in this way. Glory be the name of the Lord, thy God, glory be the name of His children forever and ever.

And we should say unto thee this parable in this manner, and in this way. For upon the land lived two men, and they both claimed the same land. So they decided one day not to fight, but each would work his part. One would grow one type of plant and the other another. And so they began. And since they were always in competition, each year’s crop became more bountiful.

And soon, there was another piece of land that was given unto them. And the person who gave it said unto them, “Since you quarrel over the land, let one own one land and then the other own the other.”

The two went to decide which would be which’s land, and who should own what. And soon it was found they could not decide once again. So once again they decided that they would each grow their own things, and farm both lands. And again, they grew bountiful crops.

And once again, there was land nearby that they could buy up. So they went together and bought more land. And this time there was fourfold of the first land. But again they could not agree who owned what. So, each grew his own crop. And they multiplied and multiplied in land and in crops.

As they began to grow old and their children began to inherit the ground, their children began to separate the ground. And the ground seemed to grow less with each generation of separation. And the two old men came forth unto them. And they said, “We shall teach you something. It was never that we could not agree to disagree. It was only that we enjoyed disagreeing, so that we might be in competition and see who could [draw] the best crop. So all land from this day forth will be drawn in the lots, and no land shall be separated. And each shall grow that unto which he wishes upon the land.And once again the land began to produce in great quantity.

Now we say unto you, this seems like a puzzle or a myth. But we say to you, as long as man has a dream to live for, he shall live. As long as he reaches out to discover new land, to plant new fields, he shall continue to grow and mature. For he shall reach for the stars, and beyond, and in the reaching, because he shall compete, he shall become better and better. The only thing that man has not done is compete for peace and harmony among yourselves, to find your soul self. A day will come when you shall find the necessity of it. You have questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [P____ W____...Carleton, Texas]; she asks, ‘What can I do to open my brain to receive the thoughts of a genius level?’”

We shall answer your manner − fine in this manner. There are biofeedback techniques that can be used for that which you desire. But we would say to you, be sure that you want and can handle emotionally that which you ask for, for with the knowledge comes the responsibility – how to use that knowledge. You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [C_______ S_______] asks, ‘Aka, have I taken the proper course in my life, and also, what do you see in my near future?’ Thank you.”

Yes, we shall answer your question in this manner. You have launched your boat on the waters. And the waters shall produce abundance for both you and your children. For there are new things in the wind that shall affect the company you work for and yourselves. And these things shall be good for all. You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. Aka, would you explain to us what effects will come from the Russian meltdown?” [See note.]

Yes, we shall explain this. Within all things are a balance. For instance, from the first time an atomic test was done the balance became hindered, and became worse and worse. When you increase anything by tenfold – new malignancies shall [begin again] to occur, even more different or strange than you have seen before.

As one element is altered or changed, so it changes all elements. For within the law of physics, the splitting of the atom and the plutonium used as fuel in the reactor, therefore, in the same, is like an uncontrollable fire that may burn through the crust of the Earth, and it shall contaminate the water. It shall burn and burn and burn, for this type of plutonium continues to split, continues to work. It is a self-igniting plutonium, which needs no other once it has begun, to start it. The problem is in stopping it. Once it passes through the water and contaminates it, it has not destroyed itself. It shall continue to pass into the center of the Earth, and therefore, an explosion shall occur. By that time it shall not feel [mountings] explosion. And that which it shall occur from shall be through what you would call a dead or a dormant volcano, [known at] this time. Look directly across from the Earth and you shall find where the disturbance shall occur. You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [W_____ H_______], she asks, ‘Should I continue to be interested in Jim?’”

Yes, we see thy need. An interest is a mild word for your intent. But it is good. You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [P____ F____ Tucumcari, New Mexico]: ‘What is my soul’s purpose in this lifetime?’”

The satisfaction of the soul is the satisfaction of the spirit. For you must realize that the body, the soul, the spirit and the immortal body are that of the same, and must be complete for the final steps that man shall take. And any time that you lose one you have lost all. But yet, any time you gain one you may gain all.

In the particular instance of which you ask, what is your soul purpose, we shall answer in this way. For in two-and-a-half hence years, a child shall be born unto you. And it shall be great, for it shall be, among other things, to walk with he who comes. You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [D_____ C_____....Dallas, Texas]: ‘What is my mission, and how can I best achieve what God has decided of me? Should I relocate, and where?’”

Yes, we see thy need, and we shall answer your question in this manner. First, you asked that you may develop your soul and your soul purpose. That can be done anywhere that you are. But if it is a kin soul you wish in your life, then look around and you shall see that which we say is true. In the land of the Eagle, into which you now see, are many avenues. If you look into the past you shall see the future, for you went into the land of the Eagle to study that of horticulture. And you shall find that that should come forth once again. You have other questions, ask.

“Yes, Aka, thank you. [G_____ B____] asks, ‘Shall I pursue the future that I have been thinking of?’”

Yes, we see thy need. And we shall answer your question in this manner. When one walks from one place to another, and stays upon the craft into which you are sailing, it is smooth, and sometimes in bad weather, but the dangers are small. When you step from one craft to another the dangers are great. Do not take these steps without expecting certain catastrophes to follow.

We say unto you, soul Ray now grows tired. But before we go we shall say unto you these words.

For upon the Earth and in the heavens work is being done to prepare the way for a great happening. And from the east shall come that which is necessary to [sustain] its growth. And then it shall come from the north and the south. As this growth begins, fertilize its growth in the area where interest is shown. But remember, time does not stand still; all things are but a blinking of an eye in an eternity. The change will come and go – it is up to you to make it happen. You have other questions that we cannot answer at this time. Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.

[Note: On April 26, 1986, a nuclear reactor at the Chernobyl plant, near Pripyat in the Ukrainian SSR, exploded. Further explosions and the resulting fire sent a plume of highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and over a wide geographical area. Nearly 30-to-40 times more fallout was released than had been by the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The plume drifted over extensive parts of the western Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, and eastern North America. Large areas in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia were badly contaminated, resulting in evacuation and resettlement of over 336,000 people.]

[Numbers are substituted for names to respect privacy. This transcript was compared to the audio recording for accuracy. Copyright © 1986 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.]




We were taught by Ray Elkins and Aka to come together as a group in one mind, as in prayer, and we can work miracles. July 8, 1974: Pray that the Seventh Seal not be opened.     
     November 25, 1977, Aka said: Remember the parable (August 2, 1975) of the people who had prepared their minds, and the fire that was set to destroy them, and they made the fire burn the other way. Please join us in prayer beginning at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, 8:00 p.m. Central time, 7:00 p.m. Mountain time and 6:00 p.m. Pacific time. Pray about prophecies in newsletters, scriptures and the news. March 1, 1985: Yet there is time and hope. Bring your minds together, as we have told you before. If a man should burn your crop, if you would place your minds together, you may make the winds blow in the opposite direction.











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September 5, 1973:  For we should give you

The Parable of the Beggar

For this is a parable of a young boy who had journeyed far. His parents had given unto him the monetary value to make the journey, but through his own negligence he had lost that unto which his parents had given him. And therefore, the boy to complete his journey, decided that he would become a beggar upon the street to obtain the food that was necessary. Yet he knew not how to beg. All he knew was that he was hungry and in need of food.

And yet he knew not from whom to ask. So his thoughts were that the first person who should pass his way he should ask for help. And unto each he would say, “Pardon, but I am without food. Could you spare food?” And each would look at the lad and pass on. The lad could not understand this. He trode on his merry way, mile after mile. But that which he thought was a great journey soon became a great burden. And his hunger increased.

Yet through the streets came a ragged old man. And the boy looked upon the old man and said unto himself, “This one should have nothing to give; therefore, I should not ask of him.” But as the old man entered near this one, the old man stretched out his hand and gave unto the lad both coin and bread. And the old man went on his way. The boy ate the bread and used the coin to continue his journey. Yet his thoughts dwelled long with this old man. And upon the completion of his journey and returning home unto his parents, he went unto his father and said, “Father, I have these things to confess unto you. I was negligent with the funds you gave me and became a beggar. And I begged food and coin. Yet none gave unto me, but a man who looked much like a beggar himself. How could this be so?”

And the father looked unto his son and said, “Did he give unto you anything that you would not have given unto him?” And the lad thought long unto himself, and said, “Yes, father, he did.”

And the father said, “What was that?” And the lad said, “If I were ragged and poor and had but little bread and coin, I would not give it unto others, but would have kept it for myself.”

And the father looked unto the lad and said, “Then you would not have really given unto anyone.” The father asked unto the lad, “If you were rich would you give unto someone who was begging upon the street?” And the lad said, “Oh, yes, then I would give.”

And the father said, “Then you would have given nothing, for it is only in the true gift that you give of that part of yourself and expect nothing in return can you consider this a gift of giving.” The lad pondered on this long, and went back unto his father and said, “Father, how could this be so? Giving, whether rich or poor, is still a gift.”

And the father said, “No. When you were rich and you gave, you gave to make yourself feel better. But when you were poor and gave, you gave that another should receive from the gift, and therefore, in truth you have given of yourself. The lad pondered long upon this. And many days did pass, and years.

And as the lad grew unto manhood, and then unto old age, and his time of passing did come forth, and he passed forth unto the other side. And the first to greet him was the beggar. And once again, the beggar reached out his hand and gave of him both coin and bread.

But that of the lad, who had turned into an old man, said, “What need have I of these now?”

And the old beggar said, “You did not learn that unto which your father had taught you; therefore, you have it to learn here, that you may return upon the earth and give in truth the gift.”

The lad said unto this one, “But why would you wait all of this time? Who are you?”

 And the beggar said unto him, “I am your inner self. I am all of those things that you have been throughout your many lives….”

We say unto you, the time is near at hand when the things we have mentioned within the readings, the time of the famine, shall be upon the earth. Take forth from the knowledge and prepare within yourself for this time. But do more. Prepare for the day that you shall meet your self, that of your real self within you, and in that preparation you shall prepare yourself for the coming of the Messiah.

The Fifth Angel [now also Sixth] walks upon your earth. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fire shall blight the earth. Now is the time of the Cherub. [Note: On the Ark of the Covenant, through the outstretched wings of the Cherubim, the highest angels of God, God spoke to man. Now the Cherub brings His loving covenant for this time.]