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Published by the Association of Universal Philosophy, P.O. Box 1142, Globe, AZ 85502. Copyright © 2009


“Give that unto God that belongs to God,

give that unto your fellow man that belongs to your fellow man, but give that unto yourself that belongs to you”


The spiritual messengers of God, Aka, have spoken to us in prophecies through Ray Elkins since 1970 to warn and to guide us, that we may take care of ourselves in times of need. As you read the dates of these words know that some may have been for an earlier time. Yet, with today’s headlines, are some prophecies repeating themselves, as they increase in intensity and frequency like birth pangs? We are here but for one purpose, and that is for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah, the messengers of God say.

“Are you discussing what I said, ‘A little while , and you will not see me, and again a little while, and you will see me?’ Jesus said to his disciples.In very truth, you will weep and mourn, but the world will be glad. But though you will be plunged in grief, your grief will be turned to joy. A woman in labor is in pain because her time has come.; but when the child is born she forgets the anguish in her joy that a man has been born into the world. So it is with you: for the moment you are sad at heart; but I shall see you again, and then you will be joyful, and no one shall rob you of your joy. When that day comes you will ask nothing of me. In very truth I tell you, if you ask the Father for anything in my name, he will give it you. So far you have asked nothing in my name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be complete.” [John 16:19-24]

We have much for which to ask our Father. But the greatest is for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. We are seeing scriptural prophecies unfold, as birth pangs increase before his time that may come so soon.


“A whole day’s wage for a quart of flour…[or] three quarts of barley meal! But spare the olive ….”

“To him was given power over a quarter of the earth…to kill by sword, famine, pestilence and wild bests…” [See The Revelation, chapter 6, as the Lamb breaks the seals on his Book of Life before he comes.]

March 30, 1973, Aka lovingly spoke to us: Yes, we see thy need, and we should answer in this manner. As we have said before, prepare for the day of the famine, but do not do so in a reckless manner. Lay aside ten percent of your income each month. Put this into a group fund for buying. But buy these things in a sensible manner….Build yourselves a vault, placing it in a dry place. Store these things in quantity.

The first of the famine shall come in the form -- because you have, your society has inflated itself, it should come, therefore, in the form of depression. Plant food things that thy can rely on to grow in your locale. You know of these. We have placed forth upon your earth an abundance of water for the cleansing of the land. We shall continue this for a short period of time.

But we say unto you, if your budget shall not allow of ten percent, then place five percent, but do so in a sensible manner, and do so in a manner that each should pay their own share. Rotate your stock.

July 9, 1973, a man asked Aka of our inflationary factor. Isn’t it true that our economy is due for a downfall?’”

Yes, we see thy need, and we shall answer in this manner. Your economy shall go into that form of an inflationary depression. Therefore, the method in question we shall give this manner. Give that unto God that belongs to God, give that unto your fellow man that belongs to your fellow man, but give that unto yourself that belongs to you. In all three you are doing that of God’s work. In returning that of a dollar, place that before man that should grow in its own worth….

But we say unto you, it has been written, “Bear false witness against no man,” and this should come from others that should bear false witness against you. Therefore, they themselves must judge themselves in their life, and in their death, and in their life again. All must become in complete, for “He who should kill with the sword shall be slain with the sword.” But the beginning and ending of a karma, or an incarnation, can happen many times in one lifetime. Within truth [and] knowledge, the overcoming of a karma is that when a man or a woman truly sees and understands without giving unto another person blame, but receiving within themselves the understanding that that unto which they have done, and shall do, shall be right before themselves, for no man shall judge you other than yourself. Thy have other questions, ask….

“Aka, regarding his future, ‘Do you have any suggestions as to how I could be of better service to humanity?’”

We shall say unto thee unto this manner. We have come not to make man great. We have come but for one purpose and that is the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. Therefore, we place before you the bread and the wine. Apply the yeast, and the multitudes shall eat from the same, and therefore, you yourself shall have a hand in feeding all.

There is much knowledge that we have placed before you. But yet again, true wisdom must come from within -- that that you see, that that you hear, and the opening of the mind to understand. Take into thy mind, much as you would take into your stomach, that which you can digest at one time. If you should eat smaller quantities, your stomach should digest it. Do the same with the mind, as the digestion has completed then take that on within the mind that should bring forth more knowledge. Soon you will find the mind has expanded and grown and is capable of taking great quantities of knowledge at one time. Thy have other questions, ask….

“He asks one final question, Aka, ‘Are gold and silver coins a good investment now?’”

We should say go unto the silver. Worry not about the gold. We should also say, provide that that you should store of foodstuff. You shall find this knowledge within the readings that shall be put at your disposal. Store of this. Then, in the time of famine, you may barter and trade, and therefore, you may have the gold and the silver and something to eat also. But provide that not only for yourself, but for others. We have made many suggestions of this type in previous readings. Ask for them and they shall be given unto the same.

November 29, 1974: As we have said before, your country once again should repeat its own folly. It should make treaties with its enemies that shall be considered as just pieces of paper. It shall disarm itself and be made easy prey. Those who should come of the Anti-Christ have already made their toil upon your country. You now face your greatest hours of need. For they did not need to make war upon you to weaken you. They took from you the oil that would burn in the lamps. They took from you the wheat which would make of the bread. And yet, you stood idly by and did nothing.

Now they stand poised and ready to poison your minds. For we should say, hark, into thee, for if the Eagle [U.S.A.] does not spread its wings and give the protection unto the land of Israel then your days of famine shall worsen. Each day shall lead into another, each becoming more desperate into the next. We have told you before, to prepare for the famine. We have told you the length of time of famine. It is at hand. It is now. We say unto you, your Government shall go through yet another great trial. And each trial shall simulate unto the Lord a nation divided not, but a nation that should stand, one unto another. One nation under God. Yet it shall not be one nation, for many nations shall come forth.

The work that you have done before shall take many hands for that of the future. Do not weaken. Do not blame the time of famine one upon another. Look not unto the race of man or his nation that should make him as he is. But we say unto you, look unto the holiness of it all, unto the righteousness of it all, and there before you shall be the answer for all to behold. Wear not the mark of the Beast. [See The Revelation, chapters 12-13.]

We say unto you, new efforts should be made that the book, A Rose without Thorns, should be brought forth, for now in the dire needs of all time should be the time that is needed by the Lord, our God, and the time that is needed by the people and the children of the Lord. Bring all things into fulfillment and glory before God, and God shall bring all things into fulfillment and glory before you. Fear not these times before, for they have been at your doorsteps once before, not in the same manner. Many in your land now grow hungry for need. We say unto you, make the extra effort to put stores in your storehouses. Put tools, seed, each of all kinds.

For now is the time of the Fifth Angel, and the Fifth Angel walks upon your earth….

All things that we have prepared you for, throughout, the twinkling of the eye, is now the time to bring them forth into fulfillment. Store of all things, but do them with caution. Do not be as the man who should store for the sake of storing. Emphasize in your newsletter quite strongly the needs. We say unto you, bring forth unto the nations the need you have for more teachers. This must multiply tenfold.

There are those who should say that the Jewish nation should be the seat of all your troubles. We say unto you, there are still those who wear the mark of the Beast that roam the land. Come forth now in truth within yourselves, blaming no one. For your time for blaming someone will do you little good.

And so we say these words unto you. For long ago upon your earth, one came forth in the time of depression and promised the German people a land of glory. He brought them a land of destruction and division. That this should not happen again upon the earth, act when you see the signs. Many thousands and millions of dollars are now being spent on such propaganda. Heed our words; listen not unto them. Listen unto your hearts and your souls, and the answers shall come forth in truth before all.

Glory be the name of the Lord, our God.

February 8, 1975: “Aka, [4-18-74-001], asks, ‘Will there be a breakdown in our economic system with a closing of banks and other financial institutions within this year, this next year?’”

There is already a breakdown in your economic situation. We have told you repeated times that this would happen. But it will not constitute the closing of your banks, as such. You shall be faced with an inflationary depression which shall go forth and have a reign of two and a half years more. At that time, should your Government [U.S. Government] and your people not be foolish, the time should elapse. But we should warn you, should your Government indebtedness unto itself and its people and unto the other countries of the world continue at the rate it has, then your currency shall be worth nothing. If the right steps are taken at this time, then the currency of your Government shall level off and be worth even more than it was….

We shall answer one other question within your minds. The harnessing of the cosmic-magnetic energy flow should be brought about within a two-year time. Other energy for your population should be sought out, and continue to develop. Words spoken well are good, but only should there be action placed behind them. You shall find that your politicians spend more time squabbling among themselves than they do in the things that should be done today, not tomorrow….

But even should the Earth shift its surface and arrange its face, man shall adapt to this. Make your own selves ready for this time. Your harvests once again this year shall be lean. Make the preparations. We should also instruct that that of your newsletter should carry more of how to prepare. Take all of the knowledge, not part of the knowledge given to you. Take it forth unto the people, for as we may speak, we may only speak unto a few. And only a few may hear our voices. But as you should place our words into print and send them forth, then many should see and learn from the same. But we have placed knowledge into many of your people’s minds. Use all of this knowledge.

January 28, 1976: Yes, we see thy need, and we shall answer in this manner. As the farmer should go unto the market to sell his wares, that that throughout the year he has [grown] upon his land, he knows two things -- that the price that he gets for his wares must feed himself and his family for the forthcoming year -- as a buyer comes forth to buy he knows that that that he buys he must be able to resell and make a profit, and therefore, feed of his family for the forthcoming year. So in each case, each must be a wise seller and a wise buyer. But should the buyer come forth and not be in truth, only to try to cheat the farmer, then that that he buys may not be of the best quality, for you shall pay for that that you get, in one way or another. It is said, “Therefore, let the buyer beware.” But we also say unto you, let the seller beware.

And you should say unto [this], “You have once again spoken as unto riddles.” But we should say unto you, nay. For each day you walk forth, you give of your work and your labor for the means of the bread upon your table. Yet quite often, you forget to give thanks unto the Lord that He has been the provider. Much as the farmer and the buyer, look deep into yourselves for the righteous manner in which to buy, in which to sell, so that when all is done you may say thanks unto the Lord and unto each other….

We shall also say unto you, the time grows near, for now is the time for the preparation of the coming of the Messiah. That ours and your shall not be in vain, come forth and fly with the Eagle….

“Aka, [8-327-2] asks if you would please speak on some teachings that will be beneficial for this group assembled here tonight?’”

We shall say unto you, seek light and thy shall find hope. Seek hope and thy shall find love. Seek love, and thy shall find faith. But unless all of these are placed together, thy have nothing.

For as the workman enters the field with the burdens upon his shoulder, he must have the faith and the love within him to know that that what he does shall provide for his loved ones. It shall real him not the greatest

“I remember the days after September 11th 
as the darkest and the brightest days 
of anytime in America that I’ve been alive.”
March 4, 2009, Glen Beck on FOX-TV news spoke to psychiatrist Keith Ablo about the economy, the country, and the news. “There’s a good number of Americans that are sensing a couple of things: (1) the country is fundamentally changing, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat.(2) So many people are watching the news, and it’s just overwhelming. And then you have possible loss of job or house. 
“I’ve been watching this storm rolling in for over two years….And there are times that I have called my wife and said, ‘I want to escape; I just want to go away.’ And that’s troubling.”
Dr. Ablo answers: “Well, that is the trouble. There’s nothing wrong…drugs can help people out of major depressions. However, I feel that we are a people who is in search of deep character. Deep character comes from confronting reality, experiencing the pain that’s associated with that, processing it, connecting to people you care about, and getting through it. Instead, I think people are running from pain to the next bailout, to the next medicine, to the next drug….Meanwhile, we’re screaming, ‘Do something!’ 
Glen: “What should we do? So we avoid the pain. What should we do in our personal life? If your world is collapsing around you, maybe you don’t even know it, you haven’t reached out to your husband or your wife. I think people are hiding the pain from each other to be strong. What should we be doing?”
Dr. Ablo answers: “Look, pain deferred is pain redoubled. You can’t outdistance your pain. You can’t outdistance it in a society; you can’t outdistance it personally. You have to turn and face it. Where’s the first place to turn and face it? You gather your family together. You talk to your spouse. You take away all those shields that you’ve been holding up saying, ‘I’m strong; everything will be okay.’ You know things are not okay, and the sooner people can commune around that. But the things that are strong about us, those aren’t going to change. Those relate to the fact that – for instance, as a Dad, even amidst your own pain, to be able to sit down or lie down with a child and read a bedtime story, and get through it when you might have insomnia that night, that should remind you about what matters – your family, your kids – that adversity is the setting in which we find character, the character of the American people, and our own.”
Glen: “We’re going to find ourselves the same place and the same way we did after September 11th, where we will have great pain, but we will also – I remember the days after September 11th as the darkest and the brightest days of anytime in America that I’ve been alive.”
Dr. Ablo: “I agree.”
reward at the end of the journey, but he shall have the satisfaction within himself of knowing that the journey has been well done. We say unto you, now is the time of the Cherubim….

New hurricanes and tornados shall strike the central proportion of your United States. That that should provide the grain, the food substance, of your nation shall be greatly impaired. Further unemployment shall develop. The inflationary depression shall worsen. We say unto you, find hope within yourself and faith within your God to know that He shall provide for your needs….      

 But once again we should say…there are those who would use terror tactics to disrupt your Government and destroy your way of life. Cast them out, for “If thy right eye should offend thee, cast it aside.” [See Mark 9:42-48.]

February 25, 1976: As we have said before, that we would tell you when the time of the famine had arrived, and so we say unto you, the Fifth Angel walks upon your earth, and pestilence and droughts, earthquakes, tornados, and volcanoes shall sweep the land. We say unto you, thousands and millions shall die. But prepare thyselves, now, and this need not happen.

Your world shall go hungry. The one known as Jesus did say, “For beware when that day should arrive. Pray that it does not come in the winter time, for thy children shall freeze from the cold, for they should have not clothing nor food.” And we say unto you, prepare, now, and these things thy shall live through. We shall say unto you that men shall become as animals and shall kill for crumbs of bread. They shall snatch the food from the mouth of the child. All these things shall come as past. Before, we have warned you, step by step, of the perils ahead. We have told you that you could not stand as one person alone and survive, that you must stand together. This is why we did say unto you, “Form your organization.” This is why we gave unto you A Rose without Thorns. We told you we were here but for one purpose, and that was for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah.

Now we shall tell you that man shall be tempted, much as the one known as Jesus was tempted. For those who shall rise through this temptation shall walk in the footprints and beside the Messiah who should come. But all these things must come forth, so that your land and you shall be ready for his coming. The earth shall change its face; each step, one behind the other.

We shall say unto you, once before in this land did come a time such as this. You called it your depression, your Great Depression. And the wind did come and lain bare the ground. Yet many of you here this day lived through that time. Yet, you have become a different people, a people used to buying all things that they need.

But now you have before you an inflationary depression. This can strike the land with a two-sided blade. One shall cut away the land, and part it. The other shall cut away the people.

It is easy to be a good Samaritan on a full stomach in a warm house. It is not so easy to be such a good Samaritan when you have naught yourself. But we shall tell you, that as Jesus stood in the church and as the old woman laid three pennies in the plate, he said unto the others, “She has given her all, and more than any here.” And they said, “How could that be?” And he did say unto them, “It is easy for the rich man to give three pennies, for he has many pennies left. But the three pennies that she gave was all she had.”

For you to survive you must build and supply your warehouses now in such a manner that regardless of whether they belong to your organization or not, as long as they come and are willing to work, they shall be fed and clothed, and the medical aid be given.

That that you have seen in Guatemala – you have seen the rivers changing their courses; you have seen thousands die needlessly because even though the warning was given, they did not prepare. Jesus did say that the warning would be given, and they should not even stop to pick up their coat, but to flee to the hills, yet they did not. And the same shall be with you. We are giving you this warning -- not as a threat, not that you should repent, for that must come from within yourself -- but so you, your families, your friends may bind together.

You shall say, “Why should the Lord lay such a bondage upon His children,” much as the people of Israel who were in bondage in Egypt did say. And we should say unto you, so that they could prepare the way that the world should know of their God. But we say unto you, even as the waters closed upon the Egyptians, the Lord wept, and He did say unto the people, “Why do you cheer while my children die?” And so He shall weep for you now. But the Lord has placed free will in your hands. What you shall do with it shall be of your own choosing….

We say unto you, the famine is upon you. Shall you wait until the dust and the drought should bury you? But this land on which you stand this year shall bear bountiful fruit. Your desert lands shall provide, through that of the mesquite, food that could feed the world if it was harvested. It would be higher in protein, higher in vitamin supplements, than your wheat. You have many desert plants that bear bountiful fruit each year, yet go to waste. In soul Ray’s mind is the knowledge of turning this bountiful crop into usable, eatable substance.

February 28, 1976: We have told you before that we would give you warning in time that you might protect your loved ones and yourselves. We say unto you, these things that we say now shall happen, step by step, and unfold before you day by day. Throughout the land the time of the famine is now; throughout the world, the time of famine. We should say unto you, because it is of your election time, your politicians shall play that of hiding from the public that which is so. As a result, they shall deplete your reserves by trying to feed a hungry world. Your harvest lands have and are being annihilated through drought, through wind, through storm. The land itself shall be made to bear nothing, for the soil shall be eroded from the land. Only in this land shall your harvest be bountiful. And we say unto you, the desert harvest, that of the flour that should come from the mesquite, the fruit of the desert plants, all shall be in bountiful to you. 

One side of your political parties shall play the part of the Devil’s advocate, to try to show you how bad the problem is. They will overemphasize the problem and do nothing to correct it. They shall be as a dog sitting upon its own tail barking. The other shall tell you how plentiful and how much reserve, or surplus, as you would call it, your country possesses. They shall be as the hyena who laughs at nothing. We say unto you, through your groups prepare for this time, for the time is now. It shall [graduate] more so as the months pass by. The land that is now having pestilence struck upon it, it shall be many years before it can be reused again. If the land in this land [Arizona] could be used, more of it for agricultural purposes, more of your water used for the same purposes, and less for your artificial lakes, this could supplement and feed your country. This land unto which you stand, this land you call the land of the Eagle, or the land of the Globe, shall prosper….

We shall say unto you as the parable of those who were told and did heed the words and did store in the time of Egypt, and those who were told and did not heed the words, they did sell themselves into bondage. They did sell their cattle and all their belongings. You must at all costs remain a free people, the freedom to worship God, each in your own manner. Our Father has many mansions. Each is great to behold.

Coming together in group form to accomplish the task at hand should be done in such a manner that each should take upon themselves a task to be performed and performing it well. For those who should store for themselves shall only attract thieves to their doorstep. Prepare your storage in group form, that you may feed those who should come unto you as long as they are willing to work to replenish your store­houses. The means shall be made available to you.            

We say unto you, there are those in your land who should crucify once again the Jewish people, those of the Israelites. There shall be those in your land that shall look upon different races and blame them for the problem at hand. We say unto you also that now is the time, close at hand, when one shall come forth who will have an answer for all things. And this one shall be the Anti-Christ. And for those who should wear the mark of the Beast, woe be upon them. [See The Revelation, chapters 12-13.]

We say unto you, wear not the mark of the Beast. The Lord, God, did make thee free. He did not put a yoke upon thy neck and say, “Pull my plow.” He did naught to make men slaves. It is said that man and woman were brought forth of “Our kind, of Our image.” We say unto you, if these words are so, then how can you be enslaved? Yet do not enslave thyselves. Hold dear to thee this right of freedom. [Genesis, chapter 1.]

November 3, 1978: We are here but for one purpose, the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. All these things we do, we do before God, and not for God, but for ourselves. For long ago, as you would say, many [eons] ago, we learned that as we went up the ladder, that it was our joy to return back unto you, the children of our Father, and give unto you His love, His knowledge, and His ever-enduring wisdom.

If each of your teachers, your students, your ministers, your shepherds, your prophet, all of you -- each of your members, and each of the people you will talk to in [the] other religions, for you are not one religion, you are all, you all are truths before God. He has chosen no one race, no one religion; you have chosen those things. He has given unto your keeping all the necessary things to make your world work in perfection, but with flaw, the natural flaw that you can look at and laugh at within yourselves. When you can look into yourself and see your faults, you need not be laughed at, but you can laugh with other people. These things we learned, the things we brought to you from the first unto these readings of this date.

We have said not to persecute other people, not one soul. We have shown you that we do not, and cannot take from you the free will God has given unto you. We have chosen to not dominate you, for God would not allow us. It is only through your need of seeing the goodness in what God has to offer you, can you offer it to someone else. And only in this manner would the true way be prepared for the coming of the Messiah.

We have told you of the coming of the Anti-Christ, and that his presence is being felt, for those who are preparing his way. But who can prepare for the coming of an Anti-Christ when they are busy preparing for the coming of the Messiah? For they will not have the time, for they love their Father so much that they cannot see, or not be tempted, because God has given you the best product in the whole world, yourselves. He gave you an earth and a heaven, and a universe and galaxies beyond galaxies, and universes beyond universes. All but await your touch. And they shall touch you, and you shall touch them. And the gladness and glory within the same shall be manifested into the heaven upon the Earth.

Glory be the name of the Lord, God. Glory be the name of His children.

Our Father has said unto you, “SPEAK NOT BAD THINGS UNTO ANOTHER PERSON.” For each of you is as a mirror. If you project good, then good shall be reflected back unto you. If you project wrong, or bad, or lies, or untruths of any type, these shall be reflected back unto you.

Believe unto this. And give glory unto God. Give glory unto yourselves, and you will suddenly find that you like yourself. You’ll suddenly find that you are the most important being that you know. Forgive those who trespass upon you. But remember also, the Lord, God, will be with you if you will but open the door to your mind, and all He has He shall give unto you, His wisdom, His love, His compassion, all these things, for what Father [could] deny his child these things? Learn of this. Yet, God has never asked; He has never placed a price tag upon His love for you, and He has denied you nothing….

Yet, many things -- the advancement of those who prepare the way for the Anti-Christ are growing across the land, even into your Presidency, deception -- this false treaty that he [U.S. President Jimmy Carter] should have Israel sign with Egypt. We say unto you this, for he who should place his name upon this treaty with Israel and Egypt, look closely, for he shall be one of the heads of the Anti-Christ. [Note: Yet 31 years later, the U.S. Presidency still encourages Israel to give away land for peace, and provides funds to Palestinian Hamas.]

But do not underestimate the Israelites. As we have said before, the descendents of Abraham may be changed as easily as turning a stone. But as Ishmael was given a promise, so must that fulfillment come also.

There are wars and rumors of wars. And great wars, the greatest of wars, has not happened yet.

We shall also say unto all of you, your inflationary depression has not ended. Inflation shall continue. And from it shall come a boom, a great boom, a great growth. There will he those who say, “Invest in gold.” The greatest investment shall be within land. We give you this, as knowledge, that you may protect the people, and the people may protect themselves, for financial disaster is as great and as much as damaging as an earthquake -- and that you shall have a multitude of.

For those who should heed our words shall succeed. For those who do not, some shall wear the mark of the Beast. We say unto you, no one can harm you, only yourselves. It is when you are in the bottomless pit that sometimes you may only look up, for looking down you see nothing. When you look up, then you see the light. And all that is covered shall be uncovered and light shall be for those who want to see this light.

Go forth, uncover these things. Uncover ignorance. Let truth of many forms come forth unto you. Let the beauty of the land, the sky, the heavens, the seas, and all forms of the water shine into thee. Let the plants, and the animals of all sorts be under your dominion. Let the heavens and the fowl, and the sea and all that live in the sea be under your dominion -- and rule it well. The Fifth Angel walks upon your earth. Now is the time of the Cherubim. Glory be the name of the Lord. Glory be the name of His children.

May 9, 1980: And we say unto you, for we should say unto thee the Parable of Faith.

And it was a time of drought. And the farmer plowed his fields and began to sow. All those around him looked at him and said, “Why should you do this? No rain comes. Your crops shall not grow.”

And the farmer said unto them, “I must be ready when the Lord brings forth His bountiful.”

And they said unto him, “But this is the year of the drought. How do you know that the Lord shall provide the rain you need?”

And he looked unto them and said, “If there is a Lord -- and I know there is -- then I know there shall be rain, for He shall not let His children go hungry.”

Yet they doubted. And they said, “How can this be so?”

And the farmer looked back unto them and said, “For my Father has said, ‘Ask and you shall receive,’ and I have asked.”

That night this stranger came unto them. And twelve of the -- came with him, came as his disciples. And this stranger was known as a great healer and many gathered around to be healed. And he looked upon them and said, “Why do you believe of the things of this earth when you cannot believe of the things of heaven?”

And they said unto him, “What do you mean?”

And he said, “One among you has the faith to know that that he asked for from God shall be provided, in the amounts he has asked for. You have so little faith that you have laughed at him.”

All the others did not know what to say.

And the farmer who had the great faith, he went to the stranger and said, “Heal them, Lord, and forgive them, for I have a faith enough for all of them. And the rain shall not just fall upon my field, it shall fall upon all their fields.” And so this stranger and his twelve disciples worked among all the people and brought healing. And as the last person was healed, so the rain began to fall -- and not just on one field, but upon all fields.

And when the sun did come forth, and fields rose forth upon the earth to bring food to the people, then all the farmers and all the people from around about did come unto this one, and said, “Teach us faith.”

And the man, the farmer, looked upon them, and said, “I cannot teach you faith. Only you can do this for yourself. The gifts of God come to all, as the rain drops. Some should take that gifts that God has given and have the faith to know that it is true. Others shall not. It is the freedom of choice that God has placed upon all of His children.


In memory of our friend, Christopher King


“For within thy minds, thy think of the word, death, and we say unto you, the Lord giveth not death; He only taketh up that unto His keeping. For man in the beginning chose your death and life as a way of learning. For remember unto these words, ‘Our Father is the God of the living, not of the dead.’ ‘For those who should know of the earth should know of heaven, and for those who should know of heaven should know of the earth.’ And you say unto us, ‘Then why should there be death at all?’ And we say unto you, that karma should end and begin. Within the span of lifetime, one lifetime, man marches forward from birth. Within your eyesight thy see them becoming older by the moment. Yet we say, nay, unto thee, for they return as they were born, that they may enter once again into our Father’s many mansions to learn and be born again.”




Listening to Aka, the spiritual messengers of God

as they spoke through Ray Elkins


May 16, 1986

Globe, Arizona


Aka is here.

“Good evening Aka. Where is soul Ray?”

Soul Ray stands with God.

Yes, we see thy need. And we shall answer in this manner and in this way. Glory be the name of the Lord, thy God; glory be the name of His children, forever and ever.

And we say unto you unto these words. If the right hand offend thee cast it aside. These words have been spoken many times, and you do not fully understand that unto which we speak.

If you had a cow who gave but sour milk, then that cow would have offended you. It would be of no use, it would be a burden. Possessions are only that. If that which you own, or have, becomes too great a burden to keep, it is not a pleasure anymore. It has lost its worth. It has lost that which it is, or can be, or could be, or shall ever become. Understand, there shall be those who shall need their Achilles heels. They need to hold onto something that would be worthless to anyone else, even if it costs them dearly, because they either love it and need it to survive − that is a need; that is not an of­fending thing. No one else may need this object, only they, to give them peace of mind.

Do not judge others, “leste ye be judged.” You have heard this also many times. The meaning is quite simple. [For a] man who walked down the street, he staggered, and everyone looked and said, “Look at that man, he is drunk. He is a drunkard upon the street. He should not be there; he should be in prison.” No one has stopped to see if the man is ill. No one has stopped to see if he can see at all, if he is blind. They judge. And by judging they have placed a standard that they all shall be judged with. They are putting up the rules, you would say. Sometimes these rules, these yardsticks that we place upon ourselves, when turned inward we cannot measure up to them. So judge not yet you be judged.

It is said, the Lord, thy God, is a merciful God. And He loves His children. Yet, the sun and rain shall shine on all. It quite simply means that freedom of choice has been given unto you. You may [stand] in the rain or you may stand in the sunshine. It is your choice. ­If you do not like the place you stand, then sell your house, sell these things that [coveth] you, and look beyond it. For these things that [coveth] you are but a burden unto you. They bring you no happiness nor joy. It is better to have loved for five minutes or even one, than never to have loved at all. For the lover shall know the joy of love. For those who shall be afraid shall never know the joy, nor the sadness, [nor] the gladness, nor even the desperation that love can bring into your heart.

Remember, the Lord, God, wishes only but one thing, that you be happy. He has given you the heaven and the earth. He has given you all things, therefore, and dominion over all. He has given you the tools to build you anything you wish, to make you happy. If where you stand is an unhappy place, do not stand there, but move aside.

To be transformed means to turn around. The one known as John the Baptist said, many times, “Be transformed.” Turn around, if you are going in the wrong way. But what John spoke of was the world of God. And he wished [for] those who wished to see that world to turn around and look within and see the world of God within them. John, drank no wine. John, was a vegetarian, as you would call it in this time and place. He did so because he believed that this was the manner into which he could cleanse his body, and think well. Yet, Jesus of Nazara ate meat of all kinds, took wine, and enjoyed all the earthly things. Was one a sinner and the other saint? Was one a fool? Nay. They were but human, with human frailties. And the beautiful part of the human is that he is of God. And being of God he can make mistakes.

The Lord God, from the Old Testament to your New, has shown you that He too had learned. Have not one of you who have children ever made a mistake in your judgment with the child? Have you not scolded a child when you should have praised them? We say unto you, it is said that more may be caught with honey than vinegar. Yet, both are needed for the well being of your health and your frames of mind.

We say, “Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you.” And it has been said, “I give you one more commandment, ‘Love [ye] one and another as into thyself.’” [John 15:15-17.]

The meaning is quite simple. Love each other and love yourself. God made you special and good. He made you as Himself, that you might make mistakes and learn from the mistakes. But if you work each day with a thought that you shall strive for the love that God gives unto you, one-tenth of that love, if you could project that out into those who you would deal with each day.

If a person comes unto you and says, “I shall take your money,” should you stand there and allow him to do this? No. God is not saying this, when He said, “If a person offends you, turn the other cheek.” What He is saying is − you must understand that the transcribing of the Greek word from the Asiatic word, and the Arabian word, and the Egyptian word, each time has lost its meaning − and the meaning is quite simple. If a person comes to you and offends you, tell them, “You have of­fended me by that which you do.” But do not turn and offend them. Look upon them and say, “You have of­fended me; go ye and offend me no more.” There is nothing wrong by telling someone this. But if you create great anger, and this anger possesses you, and you lose all those things that love you, you have gained nothing with your anger. You have not even removed that which offends you, because you have offended yourself. You have judged yourself. You have placed judgment. Leave judgment to God. We beg of you.

If you came upon a beautiful rose and it was the last rose that would ever blossom on this Earth, if you grasp it in your hands to possess it, it would crumble into dust, and you would never have a rose again. All that would be left is the thought in your mind. So look upon the rose, enjoy the rose. It was meant for your laughter, your delight, and your happiness. All flowers are placed to put gladness in you.

It is like the fruit of a tree, if you pick the fruit too early, it serves no purpose to you. If you pick the fruit too late, it is already in the fermentation state. If you pick the fruit at the right time, but before you pick the fruit you must nurture the tree that it comes from. [Give] gladness and tidings, and it shall be given back.

We have spoken long. And since soul Ray is very tired, we shall answer a few of your questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [12-423-1] asks, ‘To please tell us what is the problem with the horses − Pegasus, Cat Magic, and now the latest one. What treatment should they be given?’”

The horse, Pegasus, was poisoned. The horse, Cat Magic, had a twofold problem − one of poisoning, the other of parasites. There is treatment for this. The ground must be kept clean. Horses are curious, and when they are bored they will take their curiosity out on what they find and try to eat it. The colt, which soul Ray calls, Trouble, has a twofold problem at this point, and one is with parasites and the other is that which he has eaten. If you will think, all three horses became ill in the same area where the old barn was. This area should be plowed very, very deeply, and then picked from the earth all substance there in the same which might be harmful. We have seen your need. You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [2-30-2] asks, ‘Please assist [J___ C_____] in her passing.’”

We see this.

“Thank you, Aka. [4-125-2] asks for − number 1, ‘I ask for spiritual guidance, growth, and healing.”

The spiritual guidance is but at hand. The healing is also but at hand. The greatest healing is the healing of the mind. There is a parable, a parable of the healing well. Each day a young girl went to the healing well. And she took from it and drank from it. And each day she drank more and more, for she believed that the more she took, the more she would heal. It is not in the amount needed to take, it is not in how much you can consume, but the quality of what you are given. You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you. Aka, she asks, ‘Will you give me guidance about G_____ S. B_____ in relation to me?’”

Friendship is a wonderful thing. It must be given. It also must be taken care of, and cherished. You have other questions, ask.

“Yes, Aka. [18-517-4…Albuquerque, New Mexico], she asks, ‘Will my daughter, J_____, born January 20, 1966, be a very successful movie actress [in time]?’”

We would like to answer your question with, yes; but instead we will say, success is [ ] within the eyes of the beholder. You have other questions, ask.

“Thank you, Aka. [18-517-7-5], she asks, ‘Do you have a special message for me?’”

Yes, we see thy need. And we shall say unto thee, make pilgrimage into the healing well. Take of its water. By this we mean, to take a container of 500 cc’s and fill this container. Take it home with you. And as you take the other substances given to you by soul Ray, take of this, and you shall soon find that it shall magnify itself. If you find truth in what we say, then come back and ask again, and we shall show you the direction into which you shall go.

Now we say unto you, soul Ray grows weary. Awaken soul Ray from his slumber.


[Editor’s note: Numbers are substituted for names, addresses and birth dates to respect privacy.

This transcript was compared to the audio recording for accuracy. Copyright © 1986 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.]




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     July 8, 1974, the messengers of God said: We say unto you, thy haven’t known of the story of Jonah, that our Lord, God, sent him forth unto the city to warn the people of a day of destruction of the city? And the people did change their ways and turn back unto their God, and the Lord, God, spared the city….
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     We were taught by Ray Elkins and Aka to come together as a group in one mind, as in prayer, and we can work miracles. November 25, 1977, Aka said: Remember the parable (August 2, 1975) of the people who had prepared their minds, and the fire that was set to destroy them, and they made the fire burn the other way. 
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December 29, 1978: And the Lord, God, did look upon His children and say unto them, “BIND TOGETHER. BE AS ONE.”

You have shown those things within you that we have long sought to see. You have come together to help one another, and in helping thy brethren, you have taken the first step. Into each of you you have given your toil. But more than the toil you have given, you have given it in a loving manner, begrudging not that which you are doing. This is the greatest gift you may give one another. In the days that shall follow, your ability to respond in a loving manner you shall need even greater, for the times that lie ahead shall be torn with great storms and turbulence, therefore, upon the land.

We say unto you, these things that thy give unto one another, thy give unto the Lord, God, also. When thy should give a gift expecting nothing in return, then in truth you have given a gift as God has given it to you. Glory be the Lord; glory be His children forever and ever.




“Many of you shall see him walk in the valley and shall walk with him. Believe”

The spiritual messengers of God, March 24, 1989