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Published by the Association of Universal Philosophy, P.O. Box 1142, Globe, AZ 85502. Copyright © 2009



And upon this day

our Father says unto thee,

The glory of your God is upon thee,’

and those things

that thy should ask

in our Father’s name

should be given unto thee…




Rev. and Prophet Ray Elkins renews the vows of ministers and teachers.


“Live each day of thy lives and await his coming”


The 38th Annual Meeting of the Association of Universal Philosophy will begin at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, June 6, 2009, at the church to God Ray built on Dripping Springs Road, Christmas Star Route, Arizona. Please let us know if you will come.

On January 28, 1972, the spiritual messengers of God gave instructions for those who would become ministers at the first Annual Meeting that year. Their guidance was for those in the Association for years to come.

As we have said before, hark, and hear these words….As meditation should be unto a time for listening to thy Lord, thy God -- and thy Lord, thy God, should say unto thee, “GIVE UNTO EACH MAN THAT THAT IS HIS” -- walk before our Lord in such a manner that thy come without hatred….

The Minister’s Vows

And now we should say unto thee these words. The time grows near when those of thy group thy have chosen for the ministry shall walk before our prophet, and therefore, be made unto ministers of this, our Father’s work. And they should do so in this manner. Each should walk before this one.

And this one should say unto them, “Should thee promise in our Father’s light to teach these things our Father has given unto thee to teach?

            “Should thee at no time be prejudiced against any man? 

            “Should thee at all time, for those who come in need, minister in both healing of the body and healing of the soul and the spirit, and the immortal body of the same?”

            And should they say, “yes,” then he should take of what thy should know of the candelabra, but this one should have of seven candles. And each one who is chosen should be presented with this.  And, as each time he should say, “yes,” one candle should be lit. And then unto another.

            These who should be chosen should be versed into the words we have spoken unto thee.  They should have the honest effort unto helping mankind. And above all, they should enter all things with an open mind, closing their mind to nothing. And they shall never cease in their learning.

            But you should remind them that the oath that they should take should be for [their] lifetime upon this plane and all others.

            And then thy should ask into them, “Are you prepared to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah?”

            And should they say, “yes,” then have them rise. And walk with them, and break bread with them and drink wine with them.

            For remember, for those who you shall choose, among you, nothing can be hidden from one another. All things must come in truth from God, for you shall walk in the light of God, and should be known as men and women of God….

            [And] we should say unto the youth of your group, fear not that thy should prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah. Thy have many questions; ask of these. For did our Father not say unto thee, “BLESSED ARE ALL MY CHILDREN.” Now is the time of the Cherub.


The Teacher’s Vows

April 27, 1973: “Aka, do you have any words for us on the certification of the teachers?”

Yes, we should answer in this manner. Let the teachers come unto the prophet. And let the prophet say unto the teachers, “For the teacher can never be greater than his student. And the student can never be greater than his teacher.” Let the prophet say unto them, “Take from thy hands all prejudice, that they shall teach in a righteous manner before their God.”

They shall serve under the direction of the prophet. They shall learn from your ministers.

And let the ministers stand and take a vow before the teacher that all of their knowledge shall be given freely unto the teacher, and they shall hide nothing from one another. But we say unto thee in these words, let minister or teacher hide that that has been given from one another, they shall no longer remain of either. And we say unto you in these words, what the Lord has given, the Lord can taketh away. Beware.

For this day we have laid aside that these teachers should be honored. And the Lord, God, shall look upon them, and He shall honor them. And the Council shall be present, and they shall honor them. For we, as they, are but teachers. And we are not great. We are here but for one purpose, as they should be, for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. Let not they bring into this work prejudice of any kind.

And glory be the name of the Lord.

In the months before the first Annual Meeting, the spiritual messengers of God gave instructions.

January 1, 1972: Remember, unto all, for our Father says unto thee, “HARK, and hear our words.” We have brought before thee the Book with wings.

Now we should say unto thee, provide for a guidance book for thy ministry. These things should come in this form:

· preparation for meditation, the difference between the prayer and the meditation of the same -- a time for listening unto our Lord; a time for speaking unto the same;

· the manner unto which we have prescribed before, of giving unto the marriage vows between man and woman;

· the manner unto which thy should give up thy dead unto the Lord, that thy may help in the preparation for the changing of the two worlds, that thy may give guidance that they might see our Father’s light.

            Thy have taken unto thyselves and brought the bread; we shall furnish unto thee the yeast for the same. Fear not, for as we have said before, upon this rock we shall build a mighty temple unto God, our Father.

            For our Father says unto thee, “HARK, MY CHILDREN, FOR I LOVE THEE SO.”

            And upon this day our Father says unto thee, “The glory of your God is upon thee,” and those things that thy should ask in our Father’s name should be given unto thee.

But we should say unto thee…we are here to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah, and the Messiah shall be as a servant unto his Father. Then live each day of thy lives and await his coming.

January 15, 1972: Our Father has many mansions, and therefore, the way to our Father should be made through thine hearts. Our Father has made no rules unto man to worship Him. He asks but two things, that you love of Him unto one-tenth of the love that He gives to His children, and you love unto your fellow man into the same manner.

            Each man upon your earth shall worship his God in his own way. But he should do so in the privacy of his own heart and mind. And as you should pray unto your Father, say these things that should mean something to you, and therefore, it should mean something to our Father.

            But if you should bring before our Father a gift, and have hatred in your heart for your brother, then take back your gift, and go unto your brother. But forgive thyself first and thy brother secondly, for if thy have not forgiven thy brother, how can thy possibly forgive unto thyself?...

But as thy should walk, walk in the light of God, each in his own way, with God’s blessings unto all mankind. Many should call their God in many tongues.

But we should answer in this manner your question of before. For as thy Father should give unto thee these words for thy own baptism of thy own people.

            And as thy should take unto this one who should come before thee, thy should look upon this one and say unto them, “Do thy, before God, promise unto your Lord your spirit, your soul, and your immortal body? And [if] so, should thy try to live a life that thy Lord should look down upon His child and be proud of the same?”

And should this one say, “yes,” unto you, then have him go, and come again upon the second day.

And upon the second day, thy should say unto him, “Should thy give all things unto our Father that is His? Should thy give all things unto thyself that are yours? Should thy give all things that are thy brother’s into thy brother?” And should he say, “yes,” then have him come again upon the third day, of the third hour, of the third moment.

            And there thy should say unto him, “Kneel before thy God.” And should he do so, take both water and sprinkle three drops upon his forehead. Take of the wine and sprinkle three drops upon his forehead. And then, should he rise, offer him bread. And say unto him, “I now thee baptize thee in the light of God.” And he should say unto you, “I accept your baptism from God.” And therefore, you have baptized the soul of this man.

January 21, 1972: As we have said before, we have but wine to offer. But do not place it in an old vase. Place this wine in a new vase, that it may last through your years. But we should say unto thee once again, we are not great. We are here as instruments of our Father. We are here but for one purpose, to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah. And we should say unto thee, this should take many hands, and much love and tenderness. And we offer thee thy wine. If thy should decide to drink of the same, and therefore, become one of the many that stand before God, then we should speak unto thee at a different time. We may answer all of your questions that we are given permission to do so….

            But we should say again, our Father has many mansions. There is food for all. Give unto thy Father one-tenth of the love that Thy, our Father, gives unto thee. Give unto thy brother in the same manner. Denounce no man, religion, and their beliefs unto the same. Understand the way they should believe. Give of this wine in the same manner. Those who should reject it, do not denounce them for it, but praise them. But take of this and go unto the next. And if this is accepted, go into their house and drink of their wine, of their knowledge, and let them drink of your knowledge in the same manner.        

January 23, 1972: As we have said before, we shall allow no one from either side to interfere with this work. For we are here to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah, and this, in itself, is the preparation of both your soul, your spirit and the immortal body of the same….But fear not, for the Lord, our God, walks with thee.

  April 1, 1972: A person asked, “Will you tell me if the new state of consciousness which I seem to have found is valid, and if so, what is it called?...

Yes, we see thy need, and we should answer….Prepare thyself; open the door that the spirit should enter. Go forth and give glory unto your Father, and your Father should give glory unto thee. Of this new state of consciousness, we see thy need, and therefore, as we have said before, we walk before thee and prepare a way. Fear not. Walk in the light of God, and we shall walk with thee. Have faith, and thy shall walk on water with us.

Thy have other questions, ask.

            “Yes, Aka. [4-1-72-001] who is here with us tonight has asked for direction….”

            We shall answer first in this manner. We have come but for one purpose, that, in itself, is a preparing of a way for the coming of the Messiah. If thy should take unto thyself this purpose, carry the torch before thee and light the way for others. We shall enter and give thee guidance….

And now we say unto thee these words. For those who should see us, for those who should see us materialize in human form, we should answer your question in this manner. For those who have seen us have seen our Father, for we stand before Him as servants. We are here to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah. Glory be His name. Go out among your people. Give them your message, and we shall go with thee.

            But the time grows short, for the Fifth Angel lies upon thy earth, and beside him stand four more. There is but two to pass before thee, and pray that these seals are never opened. [See The Revelation 6:1-11.]

            Give us but one soul in each of what thy know [as] thy towns, and we shall spare of this in our Father’s day.           

April 14, 1972: Thy have asked these words of communion into the same. And we should answer you in this manner. We are here to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah. We do not ask from any of you other than the love of your God -- and as we have said before, our Father has many mansions; therefore, you can destroy nothing, but you may build on what is already there.

            We have told into thee to take [up, of] the bread and the wine, for the bread shall be your soul and spirit, and the wine shall be that of our Father’s -- for as the body, the soul, and the spirit should come in completion of the immortal body of the same.

            And they asked of the wine. Place of this before each. If they chose to, let them partake of the same.

But our Father does not ask for the blood of the Lamb. And the Lamb does not ask for the blood of man. For these things that belong to the earth also belong to our Father, for they were His in the beginning. And should the grape choose to become the wine for your offering, then the grape has seen fit to use of its free choice. And should the wheat of thy bread choose to come forth of its free choice unto your offering -- and should our Father’s children see to come forth of their free choice, and therefore, give up into our Father the offering of the same, this is their choice. But remember, this can be done anywhere, for this is between them and their God.

But as you should become ministers in the light of God, and therefore, speak of the words of God, this can be done unto your own people and those with free choice who come unto thee and ask. But as we have said before, go unto this house and knock. If they should bid you enter, drink of their wine, that they may drink of yours. But should they not, then take of this, and go elsewhere.

            But we should say unto all of the disciples of this work, give that that is God’s to God; give that to your brother that is your brother’s; but just as important, give that unto yourselves that is yourselves’. But close your doors to no man. For we do not come to one people alone, but to all the people and all the children of God. Therefore, give glory unto God and God should give glory unto His children.

            But mark these words -- for those who have been chosen to walk in the light of God and minister in the same manner, walk as a man and a woman of God. Be as a mirror into the same. For as we have said unto thee, for those who should see us should see of our Father, and thine should be likewise in the same manner. Do not step backwards.

And now, we should tell thee of a time soon to come, this of your calendar of May the 2nd, of your year. And as we have said before, the Fifth Angel stands upon thy earth. He no longer slumbers, but he holds in his hand the mighty Sword of God, that that should divide the people and the earth. And as we have said before -- where no water flowed, water shall flow again. Where water flew, it shall not, for your earth shall now start its change. And pray unto the Lord that it comes in your summer months. [See The Revelation, chapters 5-7, 14 and 19, Mark 13:1-4 and Mark 13:14-37.]….

But we leave unto all of thee these words. For the teacher should feel great and mighty in the eyes of man, but within their hearts, if they should stay humble in the eyes of God -- and God shall make them great. But a student shall never become more than the teacher, and the teacher shall never become more than the pupil. But your time of learning has come forth, and the Great Pyramid and the bird of the Great Pyramid should take flight, for now we shall give of thee the powers thy ask for. 

April 17, 1972: Fear not this word thy call communion. Do you think that we shall not be there and guide each footstep in its proper place? For we shall answer you in this manner — for you shall always remember the miracle of your candelabra. [Note: During the months before the first Annual Meeting, Rev. Dorothy Wright could not find any seven-candlestick candelabras to order. She searched in Globe, Phoenix, Tucson, and even California. On Saturday, two weeks before, she found one in a catalog. But the warehouse in California was closed. A man answered the phone, but said he was not working that day. He could not help her.

Then days before the first Annual Meeting, a box with a dozen candelabras miraculously arrived on Ray’s doorstep with no paperwork or sender identified.]

April 21, 1972: And we say hark into thee. For as we have said before, now is the time of the Cherub. And the Fifth Angel rests no longer upon thy earth, for now is the time of the great Sword that should cut of land and masses. And we shall say once again that your earth is slowly changing upon its own axis. But your earth is sliding with this change. It has done this many times before. But this time it should be done with purpose, that mankind may hear and heed the words of God. Our Lord has given unto thee free choice. But yet, you go onward with your wars and your killing. And we say unto thee, our Father does not seek the blood of the Lamb, but gave it to you that thy may see for thyselves in the resurrection of your own. Yet you took this and misinterpreted these words, and misinterpreted the deed within itself. And now, as we have said before, your earth, this planet of yours, shall show that it has karma too. For Text Box: The eyes and ears of the Messiah
    “I saw seven standing lamps of gold, and among the lamps one like a son of man, robed down to his feet, with a golden girdle round his breast. The hair of his head was white as snow-white wool, and his eyes flamed like fire; his feet gleamed like burnished brass refined in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters. In his right hand he held seven stars, and out of his mouth came a sharp two-edged sword; and his face shone like the sun in full strength.” [The Revelation 1:12-20]
earthquakes should come within your land. The earth should heave and give forth unto new life. And the temple of God that is in within man shall shine forth, and come again.

And thy ask unto thyselves, “Why do they talk in riddles?” [Yet] we have given unto thee many words. We have given unto thee many lessons to pass forth upon the people of the land. We do not come to you alone. We have chosen you first to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah. But first you must prepare the way within yourselves. Thy have many questions, ask….

“Yes, Aka. You have made reference a number of times to the Seven Spirits of God. Could you tell me more about what you mean by this? Are they part of the council of Thirteen; are they different? What do you mean?”

The Seven Spirits of God are of the Seven Spirits of God. They are no part of any council. This dwells within thyself. As we have said before, open the door that we may enter. [See The Revelation, chapters 4-5.]

And we shall say once again, have faith and thy shall walk on the water with us….

But remember, (chuckle) we do not sleep. We are there night and day to give blessings unto the same. Then we should say unto thee these words. We shall give blessings unto your May meetings of the same.

Now is the time of the Cherub. Earthquakes shall come upon your earth. Fear these not, for the children of God shall walk with God and give guidance unto the children of man.

April 28, 1972: And we should answer unto those of the disciples of the same -- thy have in thy mind, and we should answer in this manner. Wear of these things thy choose. But wear, for this time, and this time only, unto white covering of thy clothing. But wear no ornaments before God, other than the one we have given unto thee. [Note: The ankh.]

            Place into thy house no false images unto thy Father, for we have not asked that thy should build a mighty temple. The temple we should seek is within thy hearts, thy souls, thy spirits, and thy immortal body of the same. And before your ordination, let all go unto soul Ray, and we should place in his mind these things he should say unto thee.

Text Box: “The Fifth Angel stands upon the Earth,” Aka said near the first Annual Meeting.
“When he broke the fifth seal, I saw at the foot of the altar the souls of those who had been slaughtered for God’s word and for the testimony they bore. They gave a great cry, ‘How long, sovereign Lord, holy and true…” Each of them was given a white robe; and they were told to rest a little while longer, until the tally should be complete of all their brothers in Christ’s service….” [The Revelation 6:9-11.] 

May 10, 1972, Ray Elkins and seven ministers were ordained at the first Annual Meeting. At the next reading, May 19, 1972, the spiritual messengers of God spoke to us in words like those of The Revelation 6:1-11, when the Lamb opened the first five seals on his Book of Life. Was this when the Fifth Angel began to walk?

As we have said before, the Fifth Angel sets before thee. The strong shall stand, and the children of God shall walk forward and prepare the way. The weak shall fall. Help them to stand, but do not become a crutch for the same. As we have said, from your May 2nd, great pressures are upon your earth from your planetary system. These within the same shall cause the same pressures within man. Tempers shall become short. Death shall come unto many. Your earth shall erupt in many places. Fear not this. That that man has placed in the sea shall come forth to sting him and torment him. We have said before, now is the time of the great Sword. Where no water flowed water shall flow. Where mountains rose they shall be no more. These times of trial shall continue into your year of 1999. [Note: Jesus said that about the date or hour, no one knows, not even the angels of heaven. Some things may have been averted through prayers to God.]

Wars and rumors of war shall rage upon your earth. But for the children of God, we shall walk before thee and prepare the way. Thy thyselves must prepare the way within thyselves. There shall be many who should shout angrily at thy. Forgive of these, for they know not what they do. But we have said in this manner, thy are thy brother’s keeper. Take each morning with love, and end it with love. And in this manner love shall blossom forth upon your earth. And therefore, as has been promised, your thousand years of peace shall come. But they shall come as our Father counts, not as you. And each day shall be as a thousand years upon your earth.

            Within your Government great scandal shall come forth. And your Government shall shake and prepare to fall, but it shall not. For from it shall grow a better, more Godly government than exists at your present time.

           But remember, let none of the children of God strike with their hand or their mouth to another. For as the spirits of God shall flow as a brook, as the souls and the spirits shall flow as the rivers, and as the soul of man shall flow to the oceans and to the many lands, so shall these words that we have given unto thy keeping.

June 2, 1972: And we should say unto thee, beware, for the wrath of the Lord is great, for nothing from either side shall be allowed to interfere with this work. We are here but for one purpose, and that is in the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. And those who are chosen should prepare first within themselves. If they cannot do this, let them walk away....

And we should say to those who should walk away, all thy must do is open the door that we may enter, for we are not great; we are but the servants and messengers of your Lord, God.…Your Lord, your Father, is a loving Father. He should give love and kindness unto all. He has given unto thy keeping free will, but only that thy should not violate another’s free will…. But we warn thee now, cast no further stones, or we shall stand before this, and the wrath of the Lord shall be mighty…. For only through this work have the hands of the Cherubims been stayed; for, as we have said before, should the Seventh Seal be opened, yea, yea, beware, for mankind, for there is many who have cried unto our Father for justice. [See The Revelation 6:9-17, chapters 7-8.]

            And so, we say unto thee….

Since the first Annual Meeting in 1972, the spiritual messengers of God, and Ray, have told the ministers and teachers, and all those in the Association, that what stands between the Seventh Seal is this work. Could the timing of the first Annual meeting until the 38th Annual Meeting, now, reveal the purpose of the ordination of ministers and certification of teachers or of Aka’s coming? [See The Revelation, chapter 7.]

June 2, 1972: “There is another question that has been asked. ‘Could you clarify your possession of Ray, or explain how you and Ray are the same, or how you and Ray are separate?’”

            As we have said before, soul Ray is I, and I am soul Ray, for I come from a different time, a different plane. For the link to be made, the souls had to be tied together. As a before time, when soul Ray asked his Father for death and was given this gift unto the same, but yet, as he was given the gift of life and the gift to go forth and prepare a way for the people, he chose this. It was of free choice.       

We are of the Council of Thirteen. As we have said before, for those who should see of us in their mind’s eye, they shall see our Father, for we shall stand as close to soul Ray as his breath, but yet, we shall stand as close to our Father as His eyes and His heart and His tongue. For those things that were given in truth shall be received in truth. Can thy understand of which we speak?... [See John 14:1-21, 16:6-27,  17:1-8, 20-26, Acts 1:12-26, 2:1-28, The Revelation 1:1-3, 1:10-20, chapters 4-8, 12:1-2, 14:1-7, 14:14-20, chapter 15, 19:1-16, and 22:6-22.]

            But we should leave thee with these words. For those who were chosen, you said unto one another, “I shall hide nothing from the other. Everything I say and do unto each other should be in the truth of God.” Remember thy vows.

As we renew our vows June 6, 2009, let us remember these words. For many years, Aka invited and invites many to prepare themselves to become teachers and ministers in the Association, and to prepare a way within themselves for the coming of the Messiah.

The spiritual messengers of God spoke many times, as they did July 8, 1974: We say unto you, thy haven’t known of the story of Jonah, that our Lord, God, sent him forth unto the city to warn the people of a day of destruction of the city? And the people did change their ways and turn back unto their God, and the Lord, God, spared the city….ALL THAT STANDS BETWEEN THE SEVENTH SEAL IS THIS WORK…Pray that the Seventh Seal not be opened. [See The Revelation 8:1-5.]

The name, Aka, in Hebrew means “messenger.” The spiritual messengers of God arrived April 3, 1970, when the brightest comet of the century shone in its greatest light. The U.S. Naval Observatory calculates this date (which would be April 4 in Israel) was when Christ was crucified after he promised at the Passover supper to return. Are they the messengers he asked God to send to prepare a way for his coming? [See John, chapters 13-17.]

Within a week they spoke of the red horse (of second seal on the Lamb’s Book of Life.) Did the Lamb open the first of the seven seals on his Book of Life when He sent them? [See The Revelation, chapters 4-7.]

June 11, 1971, the spiritual messengers of God said: For the one who should ask our Father, and that that has been said before shall be said again – for we are not great, we are here to prepare a way for the coming of your Messiah. Where no light did shine before light shall shine again. Upon your earth shall become new again, and therefore, there shall be a new heaven and a new earth....

We are here to prepare the minds of men for the time that the Messiah should come upon your earth, and to fulfill the words that were spoken by our Lord when He did promise unto thee a thousand years of peace. But remember, this time shall come, not as you count, but as our Father -- your God, your Father -- did count. [See John 14-17, and The Revelation of John, chapter 5, 20:12-16 and chapters 21-22.]

October 15, 1971: If thy should walk upon the water with us, have faith, for we have faith in thee. Have faith in God, for He loves His children so. And yet, He weeps, and He says unto His children, “MUST I WEEP FOREVER; MUST I SHOW MY WRATH WHEN IN MY HEART THERE IS BUT LOVE?”

Remember, now is the time of the Cherub, and we are here but for one purpose, to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah. Let this be a time of gladness. And let God’s children have before them hands of welcome, for only with the use of your own free will can this happen.

Was the Fifth Angel’s walk upon the Earth after the first Annual Meeting of the Lamb’s timing?

Then, thirteen years after the spiritual messengers of God arrived and began the Association in Globe, they announced in 1983 that the Sixth Angel had begun to walk upon the Earth. El Nino, named for the Christ Child, was discovered then, bringing climate changes -- increasingly frequent and intense floods, storms, tornados, hurricanes in some parts of the Earth, and drought and famine in others. [See The Revelation 6:9-17.]

Many, many times they have spoken to us, and many, many signs, guidance and answers to prayers have we been given. As we study their words, let us remember things we have seen, that we may have faith.      

In the most holy of weeks, during Rosh Hashanah, October 5, 2000, the prophet passed. Some think of this as a time when their name is written or rewritten in the Book of Life; others see it as beginning a new year (or perhaps a new heaven and a new earth upon the earth.)

November 12, 1971: Guard these (your soul, spirit, and immortal body) well, for those who are there in the Book of the beginning shall be in the Book of the end. That this may be done, as we have given unto thee the Book with wings, the book of knowledge. We know that we have told unto thee many times of the lessons that we want thee to learn. And we shall give many samples of the same.

May 23, 1973: For this Book is not a book for today or tomorrow, but the book you are providing shall lay forth before man for a thousand years, not as you count, but as our Father counts.

October 8, 1971: And the Lord sayeth to thee these words: “HARK, FOR IN MY NAME I SHOULD GIVE FORTH A NEW COVETH.”

A covenant is “the conditional promises to man made by God, as revealed in scriptures,” according to Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary. It “was the agreement between God and the ancient Israelites, in which God promised to protect them if they kept His Law and were faithful to Him.” In Moses’ time, the ark of the covenant which housed God’s Law had two cherubim on top with outstretched wings. It was through the wings of God’s spiritual messengers that God entered and spoke to Moses in a covenant with His people.

March 30, 1973, the spiritual messengers of God said: We have given unto you the Book with wings, a new testament before God.

May we all prepare a place within our hearts and minds for the coming of the Messiah, and go on with this work. July 12, 1985: “Dear Aka, please give us specific guidance about the Association and the church, how the Association can serve its members, and how the members can serve the Association?”

We would say unto you, unto these words. First, your decisions must be made.

It has been said by your members, “Who brought forth the rituals of marriage and burial? Who brought forth the prayers, and robes − and all these things?” We did. We brought them forth and gave them. We gave them as a gift, as a father would give to a child. Yet, there are times when the greatest gift shall be thrown aside by the child, for they know it not.

We say unto you, we will give you that which you ask. If you wish it to prosper and grow, and become holy and complete, we say to you, there is a time when tithing is necessary. Did not Abraham and Levi give ten percent of all their goods unto the Prince of Salem? Did not all the tribes of Israel, the Twelve Tribes, gladly give of their ten percent?

We say unto you unto these words, if you are to exist, exist in the manner in which we came. For look into the heavens and know these things that we say to be true. We came with a great comet. And know that the comet, [or] a part of the same, shall soon return − and we shall go.

We have placed into your hands the tools that are necessary. Yet you see them not. You know them not. If what we have given is good, it shall rise. But let it flow freely as a brook should flow to the great rivers, and from the great rivers should flow unto the mighty oceans − and there to flow to the many shores. The greatness of mankind, and those things we told you in the beginning, are but at hand. These days are soon about you. If you run and hide, do not do this. We have told you to prepare where you are, and how to prepare for these times.

We have placed in the mind of soul Ray many truths. We say to you, his mind and his heart has grown tired. And so has his physical body. With our coming, we did not promise to restore him, but to keep him but for a purpose, as long as he freely wished to do so. There are many doorways. We have told you the same thing in many ways, so that you may choose from some of them. We have told you that the spirits of God are like the universe, [the] galaxies, for they are all part of God. The beginning and the ending is all part of the Lord. In His time, all of the prophecies that you have shall come about.

We shall tell you that a shifting of the power of the Eagle [U. S. A.] is about at hand. Within the shifting of this power, pray that those of Israel shall [be as] continue to be, and shall always be a part of this great land, one nation under God. Some of you do not know that of which we speak. You shall. You shall.


Text Box: “Behold, he is coming with the clouds. Every eye shall see him, and among them those who pierced him; and all the peoples of the world shall lament in remorse. So it shall be. Amen….
“He who gives this testimony speaks: ‘Yes, I am coming soon!’ [See The Revelation 1:7, 22:14-21]




Listening to Aka,

the spiritual messengers of God

as they spoke through Ray Elkins


October 12, 1970


Aka is here.

"Good evening, Aka, where is Ray?"

Soul Ray stands with God.

And now, we say unto thee, be thee transformed. Be thee in the light of our Father; for our Father, as thee will be in His light, He shall be in thine.

And we say unto thee, we would tell thee of a time which was before. And as the great bird spread its wings from the pyramid, so was born Abraham and Isaiah.

Therefore, we should tell thee of this time, and of the tower of Babylon. In this time, our Father looked into man, for man was of all tongues and of one nation. And man had built his knowledge of seven temples. And our Father looked then into man, and knew that man should go unto all nations unto all tongues. For man had reached a time when all things of his imagination [would, were] at that time, would be as one. Then think thee, if man had reached such heights, to build such a tower into the heavens, and to have made war upon the heavens, then our Father cast man down again. But man, part of man, those who scattered upon the face of the earth, did so and left of them their scientific knowledge.

All man, as thy would know them, did not leave of their scientific knowledge, for in the tomb below the city of Cairo lies these records, and of the prophecies of the men of the God of One, for these men knew of the beginning and the ending of all, [for] these men were of our kind and of our likeness.

Can thy understand into which we speak? [See Genesis 1:26-27, 11:1-9, 14:18-20, 15:5, 17:1-23, 22:1-18.]

"I think we do, Aka."

You have many questions; ask of these.

You said Friday night that you would like to give a continuation on [10-2-70-001]. At this time you can give us that information?”

We would say unto this soul, thy have not fully studied unto which this man, Lot, was. Remember, for the help that thy should need, we cannot enter thy door if thy should lock this door. Now we say unto thee, go forth, and learn of which we speak, and we should send thee messengers. And return again. But do not be blinded by the physical light of man, for into thee we seek the immortal body, the immortal soul and the immortal spirit.

Can thy understand of which we speak? [See Genesis 18:16-33, 19:1-38.]

"Yes.” [[10-2-070-001] says.]

Then be thee transformed.

Then we would say unto thee, soul Luke, we have seen thy need, and given thee thy help in thy time of need. And we send this message into thee once again. Our Father loves thee and blesses thee, and there shall be great work unto thee. And the healing that thy have asked for shall be given.

And for those in the valley below the sea [Note: Soul Luke at that time lived in Yuma, Arizona, in the Imperial Valley, where the Yuma study group was. Aka is interrupted when something falls over and the dog yelps] -- and for those in the valley below the sea, we would say unto thee, come into thee.

Now we would suggest that thy should waken soul Ray from his slumber.


[Editor's note: Numbers are substituted for names, addresses and birth dates to respect privacy. This transcript was compared with the audio recording for accuracy. Copyright © 1970 by A. Ray Elkins, Globe, Arizona.]





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April 27, 1973: As we have told you in the beginning, the material things that are needed shall be provided as raindrops. The spiritual things that are needed shall come until your cups shall runneth over. All you must do is ask….

We have done that that has been necessary in the preparation, and we shall continue. You should do that that is necessary for the preparation, for we have given you the wine and the bread. Must we also provide the yeast?

And for those who should doubt unto the words that we have spoken, let them too look at the flowers that we have placed at their feet. We came and gave you a sign in the heavens upon our arrival. Now we give you a sign upon the earth of beauty. Give this beauty from your souls, that others may see the flowers also. Let each of you in your own manner come into your May meeting as a new beginning and a new birth. Come there with Text Box: Please come to the 38th Annual Meeting at 11 a.m. Saturday, June 6, 2009, at a church to God 
Also come to 11 a.m. Sunday services. 
     We were taught by Ray Elkins and Aka to come together as a group in one mind, as in prayer, and we can work miracles. November 25, 1977, Aka said: Remember the parable (August 2, 1975) of the people who had prepared their minds, and the fire that was set to destroy them, and they made the fire burn the other way. Please join us in prayer beginning at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, 8:00 p.m. Central time, 7:00 p.m. Mountain time and 6:00 p.m. Pacific time. Pray about prophecies in newsletters, scriptures and the news.
       March 1, 1985: Yet, there is the storm which shall ravish the land; and not only this land, but across the lands and countries. Yet there is time and hope. Bring your minds together, as we have told you before. If a man should burn your crop, if you would place your minds together, you may make the winds blow in the opposite direction.	
    July 8, 1974: Pray that the Seventh Seal not be opened.
hope and happiness within your hearts. Show this into others. Let this be a festival occasion for all.



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