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“You look at the seasons and you know the time it is….Can you not see it?

Have we not told you so?...

For we say unto you, the greatness and the greatest of all things shall become upon your Earth once again”

“It is the Lord’s way of making you right before the coming of what you would call, the Messiah. Some would call him Quetzalcoatl; others would call him [Wicca]; others would call him Jesus; the name meaning [naught], only to yourselves.

“But if you wish the pathway to your Father’s mansions, a doorway has been set.”


Introduction by the Editor

Lit candles in the center of a Star of David, encircled by three colors of corn flour, represent the souls of those who chose to enter into the new world during the sacred Corn Ceremony held at a church to God, Dripping Springs Road, Arizona. During the hours Aka told us, the new heaven and new earth were joined in the sacred circle into this world by the prophet, or Eagle, and Aka.

The first of four Corn Ceremonies was given August 16-17, 1987, during a "harmonic convergence" of planets. Ray Elkins, serving as prophet and Eagle, held one of three colors of blessed corn flour, as Rose Elkins, drew three circles around a Star of David, and the ceremony began -- opening a pathway into the new world to initiate those who wish to enter. The other three Corn Ceremonies were held March 16-18 and August 26-28, 1988, and Easter weekend, March 24, 1989. During all four ceremonies, a vortex was opened into the new world, which shone in purity and radiant strength, all brand new. While the opening between the present and new worlds was there, many said it felt within the circles like a new heaven and new earth was brought into being for this time.

The spiritual messengers of God, Aka, spoke during three readings (July 10, July 31 and August 7, 1987) before the first Corn Ceremony that was to come. [Their words are always printed in bold type in the newsletter for you.]

On July 10, 1987, Aka said: The beginning shall begin now. You shall come together to celebrate this time. Some shall come in fear, an d yet it is not a time of fear. It is a time of greatness.

            It has been said that you look at the clouds and you know that you have a time for planting. You look at the seasons and you know the time it is. Yet now, we say unto you, now is the time for the harvest of the soul and the spirit.

            Can you not see it? Have we not told you so? [Editor’s note: See Mark, chapter 13.]

            For we say unto you, the greatness and the greatest of all things shall become upon your Earth once again. This time you shall know, and there shall be no doubt in the minds of the doubter. [See John 20:24-31.]

               But approach it in a peaceful manner. Approach it in a manner of prayer, of dignity. Give it the dignity [that] it deserves.

            But those who would look upon the desert lands and see the barren and waste, there is no waste in the desert land; everything is used. Because the water is [scarce] the Lord saw fit to hold great amounts of water beneath the earth. Yet it shall blossom, and become a garden once again. For much like the other lives that a man may live, so shall parts of the Earth. It has proved its worth; now it shall prove its kind.

            We have left many questions in your minds. We say unto you, all the land was the land of Quetzalcoatl, “the People.”…

And who and how did the Pima come about?”

            And we would answer your question first, that the Pima and the Hohokam were of one. But they were of a clan and of a different clan. Those who lived, what [as] you know as the Phoenix area now, some left this planetary substance; others fled the land, because of two reasons − one, of a great climate change, the other, of great illness, that that you know of as Valley Fever.

            They spread upward, but the Pima people were the core, or the center of the Hohokam. And the land that they chose to dwell upon was a clean land without disease or problems. They chose to remain upon the Earth to till the land, to bring the knowledge of “the People” to the people. The fertile crescent you shall find shall be as old as that that should exist in Africa and that that should exist of the Sumer people. And these people that you speak of, and we speak of, were of the Sumer people, as you would know them, the Sumerians. It is where you get your word, “the good Samaritan,” because of their good deeds.

            The greatest gift unto these people was the gift that they could give unto others. And they left upon the land the greatest knowledge. They left upon the land the only knowledge that could make this land grow fertile and grow − the land of the agricultur[e], the [land] of the moon cycles, the land and knowledge of all mineralogy. They brought forth unto you the knowledge of mathematics, of astronomy, of astrology, of microchemistry. They gave you both the material of the cotton, of the corn, and many others which you use today. And they gave them freely from the heart, because they knew that a gift given must be given expecting nothing in return − even unto the land of the Shining Mountain, which was given unto them by the Great Keeper.

            And all the prophecies that were before shall be again.

            And hear unto us now unto these words − for look unto the 16th of August, on the time of Quetzalcoatl, and you shall know the link between you, and that he walked among you and he gave you a great gift, and you have given it unto all mankind.

            Yet it shall be given again. Now is the time of the cherubim.



July 31, 1987: Aka is here…

Yes, we see thy need, and we should answer in this manner and in this way.

For we shall tell you the parable of the four worlds.


            For in the beginning, God brought forth the seven spirits and said to them, “GO OUT AND PLANT A FIELD, AND WHEN THE FIELD IS RIPE BRING FORTH UNTO ME THE HARVEST.”

            And so, the seven spirits went forth to plant the fields. And the first year they came back with many excuses, one blaming the other, because the harvest was not as they thought it should be. 


            Days passed. Years passed. Thousands of years passed.

And then one day the seven angels came back before the Lord, God, and with them they brought an abundant harvest. And they were jubilant, one unto another.

And the Lord looked upon them and [He] said, “NOW GO YE FORWARD AND CREATE THE WORLD.”

            And so they went forth and they created a perfect world, when each and every thing within it was fruitful, and bore fruit. There were no deserts. There was no winters. There was just but spring, and all the fruits in abundance that came with summer. 


            And so the next world that they built was a bountiful world, but it had darkness, both night and day, and the waters were split away into [firmament] and the lands.


            This time the spirits were becoming weary. They were beginning to ask, “What is it that our Lord wishes?” We have built in harmony and we have built together. We have built the best, and only the best, that we knew. We have placed nothing bad or evil in these worlds. But we shall build Him [a new], a world, if that is what You wish. 

            But they went forth unto Lord and they said, “Lord, tell us what You wish placed unto this world.”


            So they created a new world. [This one] had mountains and valleys and deserts and forests, and oceans and lakes, and all things. It had the fowl of the air. It had the beasts of the earth. It had the fish of the water.

And they went back unto the Lord. And the Lord looked upon it and said, “BUILD ME ONE OTHER EARTH.” 

            And they looked upon it, and said, “Lord, it has all the things that we learned.” 


And so they went about building an earth, an earth that had both good and evil, an earth great in abundance of all things, even unto the deserts, and beneath the earth water was placed, and many other [firmaments].


            Now, we shall say unto you, the earth, the new earth that the Lord has given unto you, shall open unto you. Upon August the 16th it shall be opened. It shall begin to open at sunset August the 15th. And it shall begin to close at the sunrise, August the 17th. 

            Go unto your place of worship. And you shall take in your hands that of the yellow corn, and that of the white corn, and since you do not have that of the black corn or blue corn you may substitute it with flour mixed with ashes. The first circle shall be in the motion of the clock; the second shall be in the opposite motion of the clock; and the third shall be in the motion of the clock once again.

Do not break the circle. You shall have an opening, therefore, into the new world.

            All those things you wish to leave behind write them up on a paper, and once you are inside of the circle burn them. All those things, that you would have if you were resurrected, which you shall be when you enter [your] new world, you shall leave behind. You shall leave behind the reason for reincarnation.

            Yet, it is not to say that in this next world you shall not build new karma. But it is the Lord’s way of making you right before the coming of what you would call, the Messiah. Some would…call him Quetzalcoatl; others would call him [Wicca]; others would call him Jesus; the name meaning [  ], only to yourselves. But if you wish the pathway to your Father’s mansions, a doorway has been set. 

            You shall cleanse your body and make it ready the night before. You shall wash your body, and you shall wash your hair. This shall be done on the 14th. You must stay in your houses on this night. Therefore, prepare the food necessary that you do not have to leave your houses, making yourselves ready that you may enter with a new mind and a new body, and coming before God with a clean soul.

            The words we speak shall be hard at first for you to understand fully. We have said before, we have but one purpose, and that is for the coming and the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. We come but [for that]. 

            You have many questions, ask. 

            “Thank you, Aka. We have a group question. How many times and in how many places will this vortex open and for how long a period? Thank you, Aka.”

            We have answered the last. The vortex will be open from the night of the 15th [until] the morning of the 17th. We say unto you, for the fourth year − into the fourth year, four times a year, in the cycling of your moon, the vortex will open and close. You should make time and space, that those who wish to cleanse themselves and enter into the world, that they may come from many places to pass through this. There is another vortex in Egypt, in that that you know as the pyramid of Giza, into the new chamber; yet, it shall not be used. There is another into the tree of Quetzalcoatl. Many shall gather, but few will enter or know the way to enter.

You must realize in the beginning this was given into five places. And into all of those there was the time to be built and a place to be set aside, where your atmospheric conditions would be right with the calendar and be right with the barometric conditions of your Earth. Due to the fact − that in the years prior to this, in the many years, one by one they have felled aside, and they forgot the way − and they did not prepare their people with the opening of the head − all but one has been [set] and not made ready.

            Now you have one. Open your door − for those who knock may enter.

            There are certain things that may be done in other places. We shall not mention of them, for they must be done of their own free choice. 

            But we say unto you unto these words, soul Ray’s mind knows how to open a vortex, if the atmospheric conditions are right and if it comes in the right moon cycle.

Do you understand of which we speak?

            “Yes, Aka.”

You have questions, ask.

“Thank you Aka.____ ________ asks, ‘At what age is a person responsible for their actions toward the vortex or are they aware at every age?’”

            A person does not enter into puberty, from childhood into adulthood, until the 13th year. All who have passed the 13th year is responsible for their own acts. No one may be forced through the doorway; they must pass, and only way they can pass is with an open mind and an open desire to pass through. Otherwise, even though they walk through the door they shall be denied entry. 

            You have other questions, ask. 

            “Thank you Aka.  R_____ H______ asks, ‘How......many times…[the opening] for the Hopi, the...and the Hohokom people? Thank you, Aka.’”]  [Editor's note: the question on the tape could not be heard well enough to transcribe it.]

            Within a short time period, should your study groups continue, these things shall be provided that you need. Seek and you shall find. Look and you shall see.

It is like the word you use so often, yet know not the meaning of, the word, love. Love is all around you every day. So is knowledge. And the knowledge you seek is all around you, so close to you as your breath. The knowledge you seek you see, all the time.

            You have other questions, ask. 

            “Thank you, Aka. A group question − is there any limit to what we may leave in this Fifth World?”

            No, there is no limit. Yet we say unto you, do not throw away the better parts of yourself in believing. Take with you even the part of you that some, or even yourselves, may not think the righteous.

            And we shall explain to you in this manner. When a man walks up to a river, and he sees the river, and he says to himself, “I shall build a boat and cross this river” − and when he builds the boat and he crosses the river, and he sees people who want to go back, and he starts a business going back and forth across river − and he realizes that there are more people than one boat can carry, and so he builds a second boat, and a third, and fourth, this is not greed. It comes from the very heart and from the spirits of God.

            Look at the heavens and see the vastness of it. Look at the universe, and galaxies beyond galaxies, and tell us that that that the Lord, God, built there − He built it for the beauty of it, for the need of it, for the want of it. None of these things are sins. What one person would consider a sin would not be a sin to another. “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Take through the doorway that which you desire, and the Lord shall accept you in that manner.

            You have other questions, ask….

 “Thank you, Aka. On the night of the 16th................strong visualizations?” [Editor’s note: part of the question could not be heard on the tape recording.]

            That that you shall see we are not allowed to tell you at this time. It shall come, and must come, from the [healing] of your heart. A gift is a gift. Do question it, accept it.

            You have other questions….

“No, Aka, at this time we do not have any questions.”   

            Then we shall answer − if you wish to enter this world, wish it in your heart. But you must make the effort to do so. Then bring [the] candle, that you may pass through, to light the way. 

            Now is the time of the cherubim.

And we say unto you, you have taken one more step, closer. But remember, even when you pass through, you do not pass away from the time that is also about you, and that is the time of the Anti-Christ, for all the temptation[s] of that time shall go with you. For it will be born anew in this world, and it must be dissolved in that world.

You have asked and you have received. And so, as this has been written, it has been said and it has been done. 





My Memories


Commentary by Georgia Beamon

In the 1950’s we had a time of growth right after a world war but always hanging over our heads was the threat of the cold war, a nuclear war with the U.S.S.R. (Russia). This was also the time of the Korean conflict which we still face today on a much lesser scale. All this time we were told that the Mississippi would split the nation in half with flooding and California was going to slip into the ocean. We see today how some of these prophecies can come true but still haven’t.

   In the 1960’s we entered the Vietnam police action that was supposed to last a couple of years with only American advisers going in. Again we were threatened with big wars and more earthquake damages.  Our country became embroiled in a war that we were never able to walk away from with our heads held high. Our country became its own worst enemy. It was a time for change and a time for much emotional and political upheaval which lead to a civil war of sorts. It caused a change in so many things and so many ways that we weren’t sure we would ever pull out of it. We had protests against Blacks, Whites, Women’s rights, Abortion, the war, any thing that was against government control or inequality of any kind whether we understood it or not. There were rumors about every type of prophecy available. Then we came into the 1970’s.

We had not really solved a lot of our uprisings. But we were willing to let it go for some semblance of peace.

 People died in strange places like college campuses and some heads of state and people trying to bring love back into our society. The Vietnam policing action (war) continued on. We gained much in new ideas and a new attitude. There were a lot of changes, not all of them were good.

The prophecies ran even more rampant.  We began to be told the United States wouldn’t make it past our two hundred year birthday in 1976 because we couldn’t find peace. Then we were told the world would end in 1987 because the Mayan prophecies said their world would end. Nobody knew it meant a change from one time period to the next and we would have a famine of ‘world’ proportions before then and we were told that we would be visited by people from outer space to lead us to another and better earth. Were also told this was going to destroy the earth.

 This led to many new ideas of how to make our world a better place to live since it was going to be destroyed anyway and not many of us were willing to die just yet. I was working for Ray Elkins by 1974 so I started hearing more and different prophecies. Some of these prophecies became a real threat because they had truth in them.  AKA was a very real part of my opinion and attitude by then. I saw to many miracles by Ray and company. I couldn’t discount what he had to say and I found I finally felt at home with what was being said. I knew if I followed the rules of AKA’s lessons I would be fine with what ever was stated in the readings of AKA.

I watched the Vietnam conflict come to an end and I saw many other changes that showed the readings and prophecies to be a real thing to me. New earthquakes and other disasters came as was predicted. There was so much hype about the world coming to an end then that many questions were asked of AKA about the Mayan calendar and it’s world end predictions. There were also prophecies from the Hopi People and some of these questions were answered as well.

Through much study and many classes on study of the Mayan Calendar we found it wasn’t an end to the world but an end of one time or world and a beginning of another time or world. We were told that it was a coming together in peace and harmony the children of earth and if we wished to join this we were to prepare to go through a Corn Ceremony that would open a vortex from one world into another like a rebirth to the new world as it would be once we agreed to let our old thoughts and negative attitude go and begin to start anew with a more harmonic way of looking at our new world.   

We were told to prepare for the Harmonic Convergence and to prepare for the opening of a vortex to allow those who wanted to walk through the vortex going from the old world and to go forward into another new world. This was called the Corn Ceremony. Ray was given the ability to open the vortex and we were given instructions on how to prepare ourselves and the circle for this to happen. We felt we were born again into a beautiful new world.  We were to take a list of the things we wanted to change in our new world and burn the paper and accept the prayer offered and as we walked through we entered a new world of spiritual growth and knowledge for a better world.

Where we had been warned of the end of the world, it turned out to be a change from the old ways and thoughts and old ideals. With this understanding we found there were some natural changes but as with all change it had some pain but mostly gain.

In the year 2000 we were told our world would end again because of the new century and the ending of our innocence. Again we all waited, wondering if we were going to have another day of life. Of course there were many changes but no earthquakes came and the electrical grids didn’t burn out and the computers stayed on line. The biggest change was the ending of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, even we call it the 21st century we only begin all our years with the number two and that created a new way to look at others. Now we were more adapted to working close to others although we didn’t understand it then.

We have been warned that the time of the ending of the Mayan calendar is December 21, 2012. I believe it is another warning of change and new problems. This warning even has some scientific basis. The earth and the sun are suppose to go into alignment with the center of the Universe and who knows what catastrophic problems this will create.

 The prophecies of this time are of the world not just in America so this makes it a world wide situation and if you look at our problems now you will see the problems we have are world wide not just in America. I would say what we need to look at now is the recognition that it can be a real problem with real threats of famine and world storms and world wars and  earth changes every where.

 I believe we should store food for up to six months as AKA had told us to do all along with any medicines we may need if we can. If we store as needed we could use it for any disaster that may be either personal or country wide.

 Don’t run in fear or store more than you can use and never us it. When we were given these new prophecies we had a friend that stored and planned for a big disaster but when he died they found that he died of starvation because he didn’t want to use any of his emergency food.

Now I bring this up to show how each time there was a threat or warning it was very real, but not the world end that we feared. I believe it is much like the Harmonic Convergence in that we were told to change our lives, our spiritual thoughts and our ways and prepare for a new world. I believe many of the rules for the Harmonic convergence will be a part of our preparedness. We are told to prepare for the coming of the Messiah. There will be wars and rumors of wars but to carry on with the rules of AKA we will be where we need to be when the changes come. Judy has given me a reading of the time of the Corn Ceremony. Please read it with an open heart to understand that I feel we must all carry this love with us or we will not understand the upcoming changes. Live in God’s Love and be safe.  God bless you!


Listening to Aka, the spiritual messengers of God,

as they spoke through Ray Elkins,

August 7, 1987, Globe, Arizona


            Aka is here.

            “Good evening, Aka; where is soul Ray?”

            Soul Ray stands with God.

            Yes, we see thy need. We should answer in this manner and in this way. Glory be the name of the Lord, thy God; glory be the name of Thy children, forever and ever.

            And we shall tell you this parable.

            For upon the land the great of kings met. And they came from the four corners of the Earth. And they had decided that they would make war no longer, but they must find a way that they could live, one unto another, in peace.

And each came with his own piece of advice. And yet, from the smallest kingdom came one king who had ruled for many years, and all of his years had been fruitful.

            And when all the kings came together they began to realize that they all respected and liked him. And so they said unto him, “Tell us what we must do to have peace. What piece of magic would you cast upon us to allow us to do this?

            And he looked upon them, and he said, “It is not necessary to love your neighbor. It is not even necessary to like your neighbor. But if you respect your neighbor, you will never do him wrong.”

            The other kings were shocked. They could not understand that which he was speaking.

And he said, “If you meet each neighbor as though you had never seen him before, and you wanted to impress him, with each time that you met him, put your best foot forward, then you would respect your neighbor. You would allow him room for not having the best manners. You would forgive him his transgressions. But he must forgive you yours. If you are to make peace, one unto another, you must forget the past, and all things of the past. If your great grandfather was insulted by your neighbor, and you [felt] that you are still insulted because of the insult, you cannot make peace. You must forgive the past as you would forgive the future. The past is only important to you to know where you are going. It guides you that you would not make the same mistakes twice. But how often do you find yourselves making those mistakes, doing the same thing over and over, until finally you learn from it? And you call this karma? There are some things that are karma and there are some things that are stupid.”

            The other kings looked upon this one. He never, in the time they had known him, had he ever spoken out in such a manner. They had all known him, and each of them thought they knew him personally. Yet they knew him not, for the things he said were all new to them, or so they thought.

            And he said, “You think that the things I am saying to you is new, yet they are not. The only difference [with] each of you, I have said the same thing in a different way in your country, and in that manner it allowed you to not be compromised. But now we all meet on common grounds, and I must speak as you have asked me to speak to all of you, because you have asked my advice. And so I have given it.”

            The kings decided that they must think upon these things. And so they departed, to come back another time. Each time they were to come back they would ask this one to speak once more for them.

Finally, he said unto them, “If I could come back and each time I speak unto you it means that we can go away and live six months or a year in peace, then I will continue to come back. But if I am coming back only to hear your wars and rumors of wars I need not do this. I could go home, and hear you from there.”

            Some of you here do not understand that that we speak, or how we speak, or why. What we are saying to you is to be born again is to lay aside all of your transgressions. It is also to lay aside all others’ transgressions.

            When you go through, from one world unto another, these things must be left behind. You may pass through a world and take through that which you wish to, but the passing will have meant nothing if you take your karma with you.

            There are many parables that have been told unto you by those who are much wiser than us. And they have told you, forgive; lay aside; walk away from these things. The one who we are here to prepare the way for has told you, time and time again, the same thing we are trying to say now.

            There are many of you who think that the passing from one world unto another − if you wish for knowledge and you thirst for it, and you leave those things behind you, then the knowledge you thirst for shall be there.

We say unto you in this manner, and we say these words for soul Ray, for we see in him a reluctance to perform the ritual that shall be needed. And yet, there is no other to do this for you, for he must perform what is known as the birthing ritual, that you may pass through the world clean. It must be his decision, and we cannot make it for him. [Editor’s note: these words were spoken a week before the Corn Ceremony of August 16, 1987.]

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. I have a question from C____ A____...Albuquerque, New Mexico, and she asks if she should come to Globe or is there another place in the mountains near Albuquerque to go for this conversion?”

            We shall answer your question once again. You have come forth to find and seek out that which is needed for the spiritual fulfillment of yourself and those of your loved ones. We say unto you, nay, the time is now. You have been called before this, and the words have meant something to you before. Do not they mean as much to you now? Is not your need for growth as great as it was before?

When your father passed over, you had many doubts in your mind. Now is the time to make your own soul peace. “Ask and you shall receive.” But greater than asking takes an effort upon your own part. You must pass through on your own because that is what you want, and it must take the effort to do so. With the knowledge you shall have, make an effort that allows your friend[s] to know that they too may pass through.          

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. Another question, ‘Dear Aka, can you please tell us when and where the Chinese people entered the Earth? Thank you. G_____ B____.’”

            It will be necessary to repeat the question.

            “Yes, Aka. G_____ B_____ asks, ‘Can you please tell us when and where the Chinese people entered this Earth?’”

            We should answer your question in this manner. The Chinese people, before the Mongolian invasion, were of a pure race. The Mongolian invasion changed that drastically. You will find one of the oldest fertile crests [crescents] on the earth, not once, but three times in China. You will find that those that you would call the Sons of God did enter, three different times. Some of the oldest traces of modern man and ancient man, both, shall be found there. Some of the artifacts from man’s visit from outer space to your planet, as you would call it, interplanetary visiting, there is evidence of this and their knowledge. The problem with this is they reached great heights in their civilization, only to become stagnated by the Mongolian lust.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “Thank you, Aka. I only have a life reading from S___ L________.”

            Not at the present time. There will be no more life readings until after the 16th. There is two reasons for this − one, your time is too short, too precious. Questions you should have asked you have not asked. And we shall try and answer these. The greatest reason that we shall not give life readings until after is because there will be those who shall wish to pass forth and be [born] again. This may sound strange unto some.

            This will begin the 14th, the 15th, the 16th, and end on the 17th morning at sunrise. Some of you will have thought that this is the same length of time and the same time, that your rituals were held, to be held, the time when that that was known as Jesus Christ was crucified. The time span from 1:00 to 9:00 was the time that he lived upon a cross, and therefore, shall be the full resurrection. Quetzacoatl, as you would know him, and the one known as Jesus of Nazareth are one of the same. But the Lady of Guadalupe and the Mother Mary are the same. Do you think that the right hand of God would touch one part of the continent without touching all?

            Yet, as we came in five places upon your Earth, and so, because of the great pressures applied to the instruments that were chosen, because of the hardships that were placed upon them, they fell away. Some, because of the powers given unto them, tried to use them to become gods into themselves. This is why, at the present time, you have one place of entry.

            For it is our hope that in the four years that is to come, and on upon the moon cycles, that soul Ray will have found those that he can train to allow those to pass through, in making [the] pass through, or pass over, as you would call it, or resurrection, as we would call it. But there are those that could be trained. He will know these when he sees them.

And hopefully, other places will be made ready.

            But from where he stands, he knows how to open the portal any place on the Earth that he wishes. But at the present time, the easiest place and the place that we have made ready is what you would call your chapel at Dripping Springs, because both the healing springs and the chapel exist and [has] made ready for this time.

            Before this time, on what you call the back side of the dam, of the healing springs, should be cleaned out, that the water shall be allowed to cleanse itself and be ready. For there will be those who will choose baptism at that time.

We say unto you, you had a pure harvest. Bring that of the purest and best of your, what you would call your prickly pear juice, and it shall be made into wine that day. But bring it.

            You have other questions, ask.

            “I have no other questions.”

            Glory be the name of the Lord, thy God; glory be the name of His children, forever and ever.

            Awaken soul Ray from his slumber. 


[Editor’s note: This transcript was compared to Aka’s recorded voice. Copyrighted © 1987 by Ray Elkins, Globe, AZ.]



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Text Box: The Afterglow
By the Newsletter Editor, 
AUP Board of Directors Publications Secretary
Two years after I began the newsletter in 1972, a new column was created in 1974 to reflect upon Aka’s messages and discuss our many thoughts upon their meaning. Recently an Association member suggested it might be helpful to include more about the philosophy and spiritual teachings that Aka has given. I thought this would be a good time to renew, “The Afterglow.”  
She asked that I share these words of Aka’s loving guidance to us. I have also added what Aka said just before and after this. February 19, 1971, Aka said: “We would say unto you, your work has just begun. Join together as one; build on your earth God’s mighty army of minds. [Editor’s note: See The Revelation, chapter 19.] 
But do not destroy nothing as thy build, only build upon what is there. Do not denounce a man because of his color or his belief. Bring him here to us that we may speak unto him. As we have told thee before, and thy have not listened and heeded unto our Father’s words: ‘IF THY BROTHER SHOULD OFFEND THEE, GO TO THY BROTHER. BUT BE PREPARED TO FORGIVE YOURSELF, THAT HE MAY FORGIVE YOU.’
Do not hide your feelings, for remember, “the first shall be last and the last shall be first.” Cast God’s spirit into the brook. Let it flow to your rivers, and from there to your oceans, and into the many lands. Let it flow to the leaders of your nations.
Your work, we have told you before, is to prepare the time of the coming of the Messiah. We should say one more word; add this to your name. Place the word of Association before your name. This should place thee all in accord, and as we have said, all in accord with God and in accord with one another. Work together. Listen to each other. If thy have doubts, come unto us. If we are permitted, all thy questions shall be answered.”
Editor’s note: Remember, Aka has so lovingly given to us 19 years of their messages in their readings. You may read these any time you wish at One reading will also be freely emailed out to you each week if you send your email address to and ask for our weekly message. Or if you wish to purchase the readings, please contact me for information. Email Please  share all your newsletter questions and comments with me. I’d truly love to hear from you. God bless you!








Text Box:      Come to 11:30 a.m. Sunday services at the AUP church to God…     We were taught by Ray Elkins and Aka to come together as a group in one mind, as in prayer, and we can work miracles. Please join us in prayer beginning at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, 8:00 p.m. Central time, 7:00 p.m. Mountain time and 6:00 p.m. Pacific time. Pray about prophecies in newsletters, scriptures and the news. 
     Aka said on July 8, 1974: We say unto you, thy haven’t known of the story of Jonah, that our Lord, God, sent him forth unto the city to warn the people of a day of destruction of the city? And the people did change their ways and turn back unto their God, and the Lord, God, spared the city….
ALL THAT STANDS BETWEEN THE SEVENTH SEAL IS THIS WORK…Pray that the Seventh Seal not be opened.